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Sodexo takes part in Back to School!

By ChloƩ Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

While tears of joy (or sorrow) may be shed by children and parents alike over the school year starting, it has been the busiest time of year for many of our management professionals. As summer came to a close, Sodexo’s Facilities Managers spent weeks preparing the grounds, sports fields and buildings while our Food Service teams prepared menus, equipment and their dining staff in order to welcome the eager students.

Over the last few weeks many of our employees, including those at Westmont College and Juniata College, have been featured in behind-the-scene moments via social media.  Whether it be reviewing kitchen safety procedures or learning the coffee station mechanics, Sodexo professionals are dedicated to delivering the best service and enhancing the quality of life for their students.

Although schools are back in session, their jobs are far from over.  Our teams work hard to meet the demands of healthy yet tastier options and for those who live a gluten-free lifestyle. Sustainability is also a strategic initiative for many of our campus clients, so we are conscientious about delivering solutions around food waste management, clean energy sources and green cleaning programs. 

While I may not remember the names or faces of my fellow Hawkeye cafeteria staff, I’ll never forget the care they put into Taco Tuesdays or FAC (Friday-After-Class) mixers.  It’s those little things that enriched my time at the University of Iowa (sorry, Mom). Little did I know how much time and effort went into ensuring that I came away with a positive experience! 

Would you like to learn more about the role of our employees? Take a look at this Flicker album to view more pictures illustrating how our teams prepare for the back to school rush - from food service to custodial and facilities maintenance!

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