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Energy Procurement Services and Energy Management Careers Growing at Sodexo

By Amber Almeida, Executive Recruiter, Solution Center & IT

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Energy Management is a growing career sector at Sodexo, a company known for its food and facilities management services.

As we continue to expand our energy management service offerings, clients like St. John's College in Annapolis, MD, are selecting the Sodexo Solution Center's Energy Procurement Services for their electric needs. Members of the Sodexo team, along with our supply partner Constellation Energy, evaluated the St. John's energy and sustainability objectives to develop and implement a customized procurement strategy.

Once the contract was executed, Constellation identified buying opportunities that met St. John's strategic objectives, resulting in a fixed price purchase to meet 100% of their electric requirements. This action allowed St. John's to significantly "beat" their fiscal year electricity budget.

Energy Procurement Careers

Blake Brewer, recently hired as an Energy Procurement Manager, joined Sodexo in February 2013 because it was his dream to join a large organization that is committed to energy management and conservation.

"Before applying for my job, I learned about Sodexo's commitment to establish a leading status in the energy management industry," said Brewer. "Today, I also know that we focus on managing the relationship with the clients, and offering options based on risk and spend goals."

"In the Sodexo Solution Center," he continued, "we are committed to designing, developing and delivering an entire range of technical services to our client segments. This is important, because in the energy industry, there are only a few selected players that offer solutions that support and spread knowledge on energy solutions both for regulated and de-regulated markets."

As Sodexo's service offerings grow in energy management, career opportunities will expand, too. This will lead to career opportunities as energy procurement managers, energy solutions developers, energy solutions managers, energy managers, project managers, engineers and more!

"On a personal note," adds Brewer, "the flexibility that is offered to me with the option to telecommute has positively impacted my work-life balance. I can manage my time and schedule efficiently with optimal benefits for the client and my team."

Want to learn more? Search open Energy Management Jobs at Sodexo or join our discussions on LinkedIn.

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