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What it takes to be successful as a Sodexo Facilities Manager

By Guest Blogger, Doreen Settles, Senior Recruiter

The 4th post in our new Recruiter Series that will feature the specific environments we hire for and what it takes to succeed.

In the many years that I have worked for Sodexo, I come in contact with people that think that we are simply a food management company.  They say things like, “yes, I have heard of Sodexo. They provide the food on my son’s campus”.  Or they will say, “They provide the food at the hospital where I delivered my baby!”  Very few understand that we have exciting careers in Facilities management.

Sodexo oversees the entire facility to include the chief engineer, the HVAC staff, grounds management and the operations team.  Take a look at all our services!
In talking with our hiring managers, I have learned that to be successful as a manager in Facilities Services requires the following:
  • focus on customer and client satisfaction
  • solid understanding of the interrelationships between the core facilities services of cleaning, maintenance and grounds services and the larger community
  • good trade skills, solid knowledge of building control systems and the latest in cleaning programs and grounds and ball field maintenance
  • expertise in quality control methods, systems and programs
  • strong financial skills  

Darrel Foster
General Manager/Engineering I 
Sodexo Corporate Services
Recently featured in a tribute piece for World FM Day, Darrel Foster shared his Sodexo success story, which began more than twenty five years ago. With a BS in Political Science and Biology from Xavier University, he started out as a General Manager in the janitorial and food service industries.  Through the years, he developed into a “go-to” person for the training of new GMs and currently oversees four facility units in Houston, Texas. 

Foster created significant savings by reducing wattage in overhead lighting throughout a two-story, 93,000 square foot building. In 2010, Foster and his team was recognized for his exemplary work and won Sodexo’s Spirit of Progress Award.

Foster predicts that “FM will soon be the number one job in the country, since more and more companies are outsourcing managers to come in and run their businesses”.  He says this trend will require tomorrow’s Facility Manager to be a well-rounded individual who takes ownership of a broader scope of responsibilities, including janitorial and housekeeping services, maintenance, HVAC, nurturing vendors, building renovations and more. I couldn’t agree more! 

Do you have what it takes to succeed in Facilities Management? Watch this video and then search our job openings today!

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