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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

Since our blog’s inception, we have been talking about using social media to network and find a job.    With more than 65 posts on social networking, you are sure to find tips on personal branding, leveraging your connections, managing your digital profile and engaging with Sodexo recruiters!

While you are building your online brand, there are some rules that should not be overlooked.  Especially when it comes to advancing your career. Are you following these Do’s and avoiding the Don’ts?

Do stay active

Not having a profile is better than allowing your profile to go dormant, so set time aside every week for engagement. Stay active by making new connections in your field, participating in group discussions and keeping your profile current.  Learn how one employee nurtured her relationship over social leading to a new opportunity.  

Do maintain a positive attitude

You may have become accustom to tweeting about poor customer service that you’ve received from businesses but it’s not a good idea to be flippant towards potential employers on social.   Apply “the golden rule” and your reputation will be a positive one. 

Do check your privacy settings

If you are on Facebook, you know it takes vigilance to keep on top of new features and functionality. Privacy settings can be complex but this article can help you make sure you’re not sharing anything outside your comfort zone.

Do ask for guidance

There is no doubt that job seeking can become arduous so asking for a little direction is a great way to use social. Post a question in our LinkedIn group or view these five FAQs about jobs at Sodexo.

Don’t lock your Twitter profile

Our recruiters use social to build relationships with good talent.    They search on keywords, hashtags, credentials and industry associations so in addition to making yourself visible, unlocking your twitter account will make it easier for them to strike up a conversation with you. 

Don’t lash out

You are what you tweet or post, so don’t use social to vent your frustrations when things don’t go your way.  Rather than blaming a person or process, try to find santosha by seeking a new approach to your search.   

Start following these six simple rules and watch your network start to grow.  The more you engage, the more others will want to follow you.  And the more people follow you, the more career conversations you can have.

What other dos and don’ts can you share with our community?

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1 comment:

Amy Brooks said...

I think the "not lashing out" and "maintain a positive attitude" are two really important items to focus on. Too often we become frustrated by something, post a comment very quickly and THEN think about it and wish we could take it back. Job searches can tend to be frustrating no doubt...but keeping a cool head and taking a break before going to post a comment can really help.