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Seeking Professionals in Food Service …and 100 Other Disciplines!

By Darla Mayse, Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing Specialist

Do you know Sodexo?  Did you know that we hire Food Service professionals?  We also hire professionals in 100 other services such as Engineers and Facilities Management professionals and support roles such as Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT and Finance.  

Who is Sodexo? 
Sodexo is the world leader in Quality of Life Services.  We are not only a growth company.  Sodexo is a people-oriented company where employees care about the communities they serve and are passionate about what they do. We do not make widgets or gizmos. Our people are our product, our most important asset and our competitive advantage. 
Take for example Rod Pollard, General Manager for Environmental Services and Joanne Martino, District Manager in our Corporate Client Segment. When seeking top talent, we look for people who embody our mission and values, just like Rod and Joanne.
Today we offer more than 100 types of services, from technical facilities and equipment management, reception, concierge and cleaning, to maintenance, safety and nutrition counseling. 
Business Development & Sales Opportunities at Sodexo.
As a result of these offerings and our company’s growth, we have excellent opportunities for top talent in sales and business development roles. Our Sales Executives drive our company's growth and are highly rewarded with an aggressive bonus structure and career growth opportunities. 
We look for those candidates who are hunters by nature and have a strong desire to connect people with services that will improve the quality of their lives.  If that describes you, watch this video and see if you have what it takes to be the next Sodexo Sales Executive.

If you answered yes, then go to to search and apply for a position.

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