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Sodexo by Numbers

By ChloƩ Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then what are numbers worth?  They tell the Sodexo story, representing who we are, what we do and significant facts about our culture.  

1966 The year Pierre Bellon started Sodexo as a small business in Marseille, the largest port on the southeast coast of France. Taking advantage of his family‘s longtime experience in maritime catering for luxury liners and cruise ships, he specialized in food services for company staff, schools and hospitals.   

51 The total number of U.S. Marine Corp mess halls that Sodexo provides food services to, located in Arizona, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

10 Years since Sodexo made a commitment to diversity and inclusion. This decade of progress shapes our workplace culture today, promoting and fostering equal opportunities in all operations of our company.

$1,700,000 Dollars Sodexo has helped Asbury Communities, a system of five continuing-care retirement centers, save on gas, electricity and water, freeing up funds for care.

12 Opportunity areas within Sodexo. Our array of job opportunities, ranging from facilities engineering to food service management, construction to energy management, and concierge services to in-home services, is as diverse and vast as our workforce.

20,000 Job applications we receive every month. Even though we use an electronic database system to collect your resume and application, our recruiters review every resume individually. Make yours stand out!

500 The average number of Registered Dietitians we hire each year. As the largest private employer of dietitians in North America, we incorporate the most current nutrition research into the services we offer our clients and customers.

7 Members on our healthcare Environmental Services recruitment team. Our Housekeeping Managers care for the patients and residents in a manner that is eco-friendly by reducing the use of toxic chemicals. Sodexo also provides housekeeping managers in Corporate, Education and Government environments. 

18 Ways to network with recruiters at Sodexo. These talent networks are available for you to find and connect with past, present and future Sodexo employees.

What do these numbers mean to you?  Tell us what you think! 

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Jeffry Grundy said...

What a great way to present your idea. It is like telling a story. Thanks for the info

Sodexo Careers said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jeff!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sodexo:
Thank you for reviewing my resume and considering my qualifications; although they were defined as "notable", quite simply I am perplexed having worked temporary assignments at a few of your accounts and with the caliber of management, and if perhaps they meet company standards, then I am a definite fit for your company.

Sodexo Careers said...

Dear Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. Sodexo reviews its candidate’s qualifications as well as the needs of the client we serve very carefully to ensure a win win for the candidate as well as Sodexo. While you may not have been the best qualified for one position, it does not mean you are not better qualified for others. I encourage you to continue searching for the right opportunity for you. Thanks for you interest in Sodexo.