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Coming Together after the Storm

By Helen Winter, Senior Recruiter

Originally posted in January's C@reer Connections. You may sign up to receive this monthly e-newsletter.

Hurricane Sandy left parts of NY and NJ completely underwater and millions of people in several states without heat or electricity for weeks. It's blamed for at least 125 deaths and massive structural damage and destruction.

Sodexo's team did not escape untouched; 273 employees were impacted by the storm. In addition to helping our own, we also worked many tireless hours assisting relief organizations and providing more than 5,000 boxed meals to emergency stations on Staten Island. There are many stories that came from Hurricane Sandy. One, however, was shared with me by Sodexo's Jennifer Derasmo, an employment specialist who lives in New York:

"Living in one of the hardest hit areas on Long Island, Superstorm Sandy did major damage to my home. I spent 14 days with no power, heat or hot water. When Sodexo found out how badly my family had been affected, they went out of their way to help. I received so many e-mails, phone calls and well wishes, along with care packages from my Talent Acquisition family. The team really went out of their way to find things that I needed, like blankets, non-perishable foods, gift cards to get food, and cleaning supplies. I also received a check from the Sodexo Disaster Relief fund, which is funded by Sodexo employees.

Every day, a wonderful little package would arrive from someone in Sodexo and in those darkest days when we didn't know how we would get through, those little packages let us know my company cared about us. It helped us get through another day. I was and am still touched every time I think about how caring and supportive Sodexo has been to me. I have worked for Sodexo for 11 years and am so proud to work for a company that genuinely cares for each of its employees and lends strength and support wherever it is needed."

Sandy's devastation will not soon be forgotten. But coming together to help others is what we do at Sodexo.  If this sounds like the culture you are seeking, search our careers today.

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