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The Spirit Comes Alive with the Native American Aboriginal Council

By ChloƩ Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition at Sodexo

Many aspects of our modern life were adapted from old Indian cultures practiced centuries ago.  As the first people who inhabited our land, American Indian and Alaska Natives shaped the way we hunted and gathered, built shelter, crafted clothing and blankets and understood the seasons. Last month the U.S. honored the many ways these native people enriched our Nation.

A special celebration took place with the Native American Aboriginal Council, Sodexo’s newest Employee Network Group, at the National Aquarium.  True to the NAAC mission, the activities deepened the understanding and values of native peoples. The event showcased art and crafts and culminated with a performance where the spirit came alive through song and dance.

In Native American culture, stories are passed along with song and dance. A tribe’s history is repeated through music, which keeps alive the tradition of oral narrative. Each tribe has their own historical narrative and plays an integral part of their identity.       

Native American Heritage month was the final cultural month celebration of the year at Sodexo. What I enjoy most as the voice of Sodexo Careers when writing for this blog, is the opportunity to learn the different cultures and traditions that are represented by our employees and sharing with you how they strengthen our organization.   Despite the differences in our gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, our spirit can come alive when we are inclusive, thus allowing us to flourish and grow as individuals. 

This December, we will enjoy our unique family traditions, practice act of kindness, give thanks and appreciation to those around us and perhaps dedicate a moment of silence for those could not be present.  Allow your spirit to come alive and celebrate your own identity this holiday season!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! I don't believe it! What a Drag! I only wish Sodexo would've sent me an Email notifying me of this Spectacular Event with the Special Celebration that took place with the Native American Aboriginal Council, BEFORE it actually did! Just like they sent this blog out to me...After The Fact. Dang! I would've loved to have been there and experienced what there was to experience. Bummer!


Sodexo Careers said...

It really was a great event and our network group did a fantastic job securing the entertainment. This is just one of many benefits of joining Sodexo- you'll have access to one of nine Employee Network groups which will encourage you to become a part of similair cultural events. You can learn more about our network groups at:

Thanks for reading TJ!