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If I were looking for a new job, I would...

By Guest Blogger, Bina Vachhani, Senior Recruiter with Sodexo  
“If I were looking for a new job I would…” the 13th in a series of blog posts that will give you an opportunity to gain insight into the world of job seeking from a recruiter’s perspective.
If I were looking for a new job, I would...have a Career Mentor!

Reflecting back on my own career with Sodexo for the past 14 1/2 years, I certainly would not have had success in various career positions without a Career Mentor.  I remember attending meetings where the presenter would ask the audience to “raise your hand” if you have a mentor to assist you with your career or business path and almost no one would raise their hands. 
I am excited to say that the times are definitely changing...we are moving the needle and more people are having a career mentor to assist them today.  One may ask how I am going to find a mentor or why even have a career mentor? 
How to Find a Mentor
Think about pursuing your next dream job and try to identify someone who already works in that field.  The experienced can offer advice, guidance and coaching as you proceed.  From my experience, most people fear at the thought of asking for help from a prospective mentor.  The reality is that you will be pleasantly surprised that they are more than willing to assist you!  By asking the prospective mentor for help, you are letting them know that their insight and experiences are valuable to you and they are being admired for what they do. 
Why have a Career Mentor?
  • You can learn from their vast experience.  A mentor’s prior experience can assist you in obtaining the names of key contacts within the organization that are subject matter experts. They can assist you with "unspoken rules" within an organization.
  • A Mentor will help outline your career goals.  By taking the time to put the" pen to the paper" you can focus on your goals and objectives.  If you do not know where you want to go, how will you determine how to get there?  The career mentor will assist you in devising a clear plan and ensure that you can achieve your career aspirations quickly and efficiently.
  • Mentorship will improve your accountability.  A Mentor brings accountability and in turn results in responsibility!  As a mentee you will need to hold yourself accountable for completing the action items assigned by your mentor.  You will learn quickly that it’s a two way street for the Mentor and Mentee to collaborate and get excited about achieving new levels.
By engaging in mentoring relationships you’ll gain valuable advice, guidance and coaching. You’ll also be better prepared for when you are looking for a new job.   I am lucky to have mentors in my career and I look forward to filling that role for others. 

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