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What is Sodexo?

By Darla Mayse, Sourcing & Recruitment Marketing Specialist

A few weeks ago, one of the popular morning talk shows highlighted Working Mother’s Magazine’s list of the Best Places to Work for Hourly Employees. Sodexo is one of the top 10 companies. The host then followed up by asking “What is Sodexo?” Someone promptly told her “it’s a food service company.”

Well, not exactly. While food service has been our core business for some time, we are so much more than just a food service company. Sodexo is a world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions serving 10 million consumers in 6,000 locations in North America and more than 34.000 worldwide in more than 80 countries.

Wait, what? Quality of Daily Life solution? What does that mean?

To me, it means partnering with our clients to offer solutions that will assist them in becoming a better provider for their customer base and employees. These offerings may occur in a food service environment, an energy management environment or a retail environment in a major hospital. Sodexo works with clients in various industries to offer solutions that make it possible for them to meet any number of objectives.

Maybe a better question would be “Who is Sodexo?”

I say this because Sodexo is more about the people than it is about the business. We do not make widgets or gizmos. Our business is a service business. Because we are a service oriented company, our people are our asset. Sodexo employees care about the people they serve and are passionate about what they do. When seeking top talent, we look for people who embody our Mission and Values. However, it does not end there. Sodexo provides a work environment where our employees flourish and grow personally and professionally.

There are so many Sodexo people stories to read, see and hear. I’ve shared mine in previous posts. Maybe the next Sodexo people story can be yours.

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