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Meet Dex, the newest member of the Sodexo family!

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

Three weeks ago, we announced a contest on this blog asking you to help us name the mobile mascot for our Jobs app, which will be turning 3-years old in just a few months.

During the 10-day submission period, we received a variety of names playing off of the Sodexo name (Dex, Dexter, SoMoJo), a recommendation to honor Sodexo’s founder (Pierre) and even more creative ideas recognizing the mobile device itself (Moe B. Lee, Handy and more).

With all of the great submissions, the only way to choose was to let our community members vote for their favorite and make an argument for their case using the pros and cons section of the online voting tool.

So what was the final decision?

Without further ado, the winner of the Sodexo Careers mobile mascot naming contest is (drumroll please)…

Join us in congratulating @dij56 on his winning idea of Dex! We’re thrilled to finally have a name for our mascot (and to formally welcome him to the Sodexo family) and even more excited to have it come from one of our community members.

As the winner of the contest, Drew will not only be recognized on this blog and our social media channels, he will also be rewarded with a $50 gift card and go down forever in Sodexo Careers history.

Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting an idea, voting or sharing a link with your connections, and stay tuned for more opportunities to share your ideas with us in future contests and polls.

Don't have our mobile Jobs app? Download now!

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Building the Business: Sodexo Sales Professionals Are in It to Win It!

By Lisa Curry, Senior Recruiter -  Corporate Services Nationwide

This article first appeared in the November issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Do you have a passion for sales? Are you an experienced closer with the expertise of building the business? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may have a future with the Sodexo Sales Team.

At Sodexo, we understand that steady growth is important for our success. As such, we seek sales professionals to grow our business in areas such as Food Service, Facilities Management, Energy and Construction Management, Clinical Technology Management and Environmental Services/ Housekeeping in a wide variety of locations, such as hospitals, schools, businesses, government sites and more.

Kendley Davenport, Vice President of Sales in Sodexo's Education Market, details where we are today and provides insights about the ideal candidates we are seeking to join the Sales Team:

What is the sales function like at Sodexo?

Sales has evolved from just another support function within Sodexo to a fully integrated and leading component of our future. Sales is at the leading edge of our marketplace contact and is expected to drive innovation, understand client trends and issues, and develop solutions from our complete array of company resources. Being successful at sales and having a strong knowledge of our P&L structure allows sales professionals to grow in many directions with Sodexo.

How does the sales function support Sodexo operations?

The Sales Team has the ability to see and experience our competition on a regular basis and talk to prospects and competitor clients about the values they experience or expect. Sales professionals have a chance to uncover what's important and most valued. We are also in a position to collaborate on solutions that have a direct impact on the business metrics of our partners versus just providing them a service function.

What knowledge or experience should a candidate have to apply for a sales job?

I believe first we are looking for a person who can demonstrate that they understand and have some level of experience in the basic functions of selling: prospecting, sales plan development, gaining commitment and presenting ideas that influence outcomes. Candidates also should be experienced in selling conceptual service solutions to management as they meet with our clients and prospective clients. I personally also look for leadership qualities and learning agility. Currently, we are leaning towards folks who have some level of Facilities Management background either in selling or in operations in order to improve our overall capacity to grow this area.

What else may be helpful to someone considering a career in sales with Sodexo? 

Sodexo has a ton of resources to support sales executives in their opportunity to win accounts. We also have a self-perform model, meaning we do not rely on other outside partners/vendors to support our operations. Thus, we have everything under one roof, which is an advantage for our sales professionals.

Our sales professionals enjoy high-profile work, often at the C-suite level in our company and in our client environments, and are offered competitive compensation packages for their success. Additionally, Sodexo works in a team model which I describe as engaged independence. You have the benefits of working or leading a growth team of operations people, while still enjoying a level of independence in order to drive innovation and collaborate directly with clients to create winning solutions.

Do you have the drive to close sales deals? Visit to learn more about Sales careers at Sodexo and how you can join our award-winning team, where growth opportunities are endless!

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Chief Chefs: A Rare Encounter

By Guest Blogger Mackee Bancroft, Executive Chef Manager, Sodexo - Campus Food Services

Frybread.  Mutton stew.  Navajo tacos.  Steam corn. These food dishes have one thing in common – the Navajo Reservation. The Navajo culture emphasizes the importance and beauty of plants and crops, and therefore the people have an undying relationship to food which brings nourishment and healing - it is a treasure and a way of life for the Navajo people.

Executive Chef Mackee Bancroft 
San Juan College, NM
I had the pleasure of visiting the first tribal university that was recently accredited by the American Culinary Federation – the Navajo Technical University (NTU). NTU is located in northwest New Mexico, on the Eastern edge of the Navajo Reservation in a small town called Crownpoint.

The drive to this school was fascinating - the land beautifully exposed its mesas, plateaus, and agriculture for miles. As I was approaching the town, I saw a tall beautiful white horse overlooking the community and the only thought that I had was a pleasant one, “Is this the billboard that welcomes us to Crownpoint?”
Just before I could assume this culinary school in the middle of the desert to be a mirage, I arrived at the state-of-the-art culinary and hospitality building. It was a dream come true - the doors opened and my heart raced as I saw a kitchen full of Navajo students in chef uniforms. I walked in as they were receiving instruction of banquets and catering and I was immediately humbled by their eagerness to learn.
In the midst of an American Indian and European fusion, I met NTU’s Director of Food Service and Executive Chef Robert Witte - he was definitely a chef with an “i,” a “chief” who loved his tribe of rare Indian chefs in the making. My engagement was to introduce careers at Sodexo and possibly recruit some of these “Chief Chefs.” It was a historical moment as the students refocused their gaze on my presence – I was one of them, an American Indian with a culinary passion!

I explained to the students how Sodexo has a myriad of culinary training to keep them above the cutting edge. For example, Sodexo goes one step further for our chefs by closely partnering with the American Culinary Federation (ACF) to develop a mentoring program to help them prepare for certifications. Additionally, the Sodexo Culinary Board partners with Talent Acquisition to deliver a three-part webinar series aimed at career advancement. Chefs who participate in the series earn continuing education credits that are recognized by the ACF.

As Native American Heritage Month comes to a close, I am proud to share my story as a Chief Chef. If you are looking for a place where appreciation for cultural heritage is woven into the culture and where plentiful opportunities for personal and professional growth awaits you, then Sodexo is the employer for you! 


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Sodexo’s Culture is Driven by People with a Desire to Do the Right Thing

By Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

Mike and Meghan Moore
(My sister and brother-in-law)
With Veterans Day and Military Family Appreciation Month this November, it’s an honor to recognize the men and women who serve our country, but also the family members who support their commitment. My sister and brother-in-law are stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, where Mike is an Army Captain. Recently relocating from Colorado Springs, and far away from family in Minnesota, Mike’s commitment is certainly a family affair. They’re in this as a team, with Meghan’s support and sacrifice equally as honorable as Mike’s.

One of my recent projects was launching our brand new career website for veterans. Working on the site, I was proud of the many resources Sodexo provides for military families, including guidance and resources through HONOR, Sodexo’s Military Resource Group. Moving is a part of military life, which usually means leaving friends, family and jobs behind, only to start over somewhere new. For military spouses, working for a company like Sodexo means the opportunity to take your career with you, with positions available across the globe.

As a Pro-Patria Award recipient and U.S. Department of Defense Freedom Award recipient for exceptional support of our company’s citizen soldiers, Sodexo’s support also extends to the National Guard and reserve.

In a recent conversation with one of our Sodexo heroes, Kandy Grenier, Senior Director in Human Resources, we talked about balancing a career with a reserve commitment. Kandy retired from the US Navy Reserves as a Senior Chief Petty Officer in July 2010. And as the spouse of a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, Kandy knows first-hand the many challenges and sacrifices that impact military families. 

Serving in the Reserves as a Heavy Equipment Operator, Kandy was looking to gain a completely different type of experience than her business degree in college. “Our focus was logistics from ship to shore,” said Kandy, “often partnering with the US Army or Marine Corps on construction projects, like building a pier from shore or campsites near water. Many people are surprised to hear that after twenty years in the US Navy Reserves, I’ve never been on a ship!”

Kandy Grenier, Sr. Director, Human Resources, Sodexo
Retired Sr. Chief Petty Officer, US Navy Reserves

The skills learned while on duty proved to be a valuable asset to her career, but it wasn’t without challenges. “It was an opportunity in balance and time management. As I moved up in rank, I took on additional responsibilities,” Kandy explained. “Leading a Reserve detachment of 40-45 people often required an additional twenty plus hours per month, in addition to my commitment and day job.”

As two organizations with global reach, I was curious if Kandy found other similarities between Sodexo and the Reserves. “They share a focus on wanting to do the right thing. It’s expected and trained in the military, but the Sodexo culture is driven by people with a desire to do the right thing. Sodexo strives to be an employer of choice and hires people who share our passion about helping others and doing the right thing.”

These similarities make hiring military leaders a win-win. Sodexo gains managers with ambition, drive, tenacity, and self-confidence, while veterans are able to put their transferrable leadership skills - like time management, problem solving, technical knowledge and facilities/maintenance management – towards a promising career.  If you are a veteran or active in the reserves and Kandy’s story inspires you, then read more from our heroes at!   

If you have a passion to help others and do the right thing, you will thrive in your position at Sodexo. Like the military, there are limitless development, growth and mobility opportunities for those who train hard, hone their skills and have an appetite for learning. 

I’d like to send a huge THANK YOU to Mike and Meghan in Maryland, to our Sodexo Heroes and their families, and to all of my friends, family and neighbors who have served our country!  

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Job Search Questions? Connect with 70+ Sodexo Recruiters on Twitter

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

Got a question about your job search? While we have an extensive amount of resources available to you online, including our discipline-specific careers sites, talent community and this blog, sometimes you just want a quick answer from an actual person. Enter social media.

In the day of social media, connecting with people has become easier than ever, and over 70 members of the Sodexo USA Talent Acquisition team are active on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, in the past year alone, Sodexo has been recognized as one of the most responsive employers in America and named a North American Candidate Experience Award winner.

To make it easy, we have compiled a list of our team members on Twitter by discipline, as well as other Sodexo accounts that you can follow, retweet and converse with.

Get started below, and don’t forget to follow @SodexoCareers for access to the latest job seeker news, career opportunities and more.

Happy tweeting!

@Arie_Ball   Arie Ball, Vice President, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

@CRada  Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager 

@SodexoCareers  Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

Facilities Management, Engineering and I.T. Recruiters
Learn more about Facilities Management  or IT careers

@ScottNSherman   Scott Sherman, Director - Talent Acquisition

@SodexoGina   Gina Smethurst, Recruitment Manager

@JenMacias   Jen Macias, Recruitment Manager

@AmberAlmeida   Amber Almeida

@curry_lisa   Lisa Curry

@SodexoAmy    Amy DavinCho

@SodexoJHall   Judy Hall

@BMHesse   Bryan Hesse

@Sarahoh   Sarah Huff

@SodexoYvonne  Yvonne Schuster

@DoreenSettles   Doreen Settles

@LaurenSigmon1   Lauren Sigmon

@SodexoMonica   Monica Sims

@Rachel_Sodexo   Rachel Stamm

Registered Dietitian Recruiters
Learn more about Registered Dietitians careers

@FullerLorna   Lorna Fuller, Recruitment Manager

@MindiG   Mindi Gale

@DMayse   Darla Mayse

@MooreP508   Pat Moore

@LSchmeck   Lisa Schmeck

@SodexoBina    Bina Vachhani

Environmental Services/Housekeeping Management Recruiters

@SodexoAnthony   Anthony Scarpino, Senior Director - Talent Acquisition

@SodexoAndrew   Andrew Wagle, Recruitment Manager

@TamiCarter   Tami Carter

@LisaClosson   Lisa Closson

@SodexoPatti  Patti Daiber

@MariaHouchins   Maria Houchins

@Sedone   Jo Klingberg

@SodexoBrad   Brad Tomaski

Culinary & Food Service Recruiters
Learn more about Culinary careers

@LisaaGarden   Lisa Garden, Senior Director - Talent Acquisition

@SuzThompson   Suzanne Thompson, Recruitment Manager

@SodexoAmyB   Amy Brooks, Recruitment Manager

@Efeury   Emily Feury, Recruitment Manager

@SodexoTrisha   Trisha Gary, Recruitment Manager

@DfDeluca   Daniela Deluca

@PDurvasula   Padma Durvasula

@LoisEdwards19   Lois Edwards

@SodexoKEmmart   Kathy Emmart

@SForeacre   Susan Foreacre

@LilibethGarci5   Lilibeth Garcia

@SodexoDanielle   Danielle Gordon 

@KarenGraham   Karen Graham

@Rhagos   Rahel Hagos

@HCFoodRecruit   Nanette Harty

@SodexoTracie Tracie Hoffman

@SodexoBreah   Breah James

@SodexoSandy   Sandy Joiner

@AngelaKerkman   Angela Kerkman

@SodexoColleen   Colleen McKie

@ShariMcneeley   Sharon McNealey

@VMorgangipson   Vickie Morgan-Gipson

@SodexoRachel  Rachel Nicholson

@DebbiO   Debbi Oryzak 

@JStoberl  Janet Stoberl

@JStrassburger   Jeanne Strassburger

@KStrohmyer   Kris Strohmyer

@AmySodexoTaylor   Amy Taylor

@DerrenThompson   Derren Thompson 

@ShaneTirpak   Shane Tirpak

@ChristineTurkal   Christine Turkal

@HelenAtSodexo   Helen Winter

@Greg_York   Greg York

@coral0827 Coral Zelachowski

Corporate Headquarters Recruiters

@AD_Sodexo  Ayershia Dastgir 

@StJohn_Amanda  Amanda St. John

Diversity & College Recruiting Team

@SMichelleThomas   Michelle Robinson, Director

Executive Recruiting Team
Learn more about Sales careers

@SValderrama   Sherie Valderrama, Talent Acquisition Senior Director

@nmk_1022   Neil Kilgallon

@BudMason   Bud Mason

@Stewartmd  Mark Stewart

@JuneThompson1   June Thompson

@Jtschilar   Jennifer Tschilar

Other Sodexo Tweeps

@SodexoApryl  Apryl Fleming, Manager, Training and Projects

@SodexoTrish   Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

@SodexoKristen  Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

@SodexoSetoria   Setoria Key

@SodexoHeather  Heather Thomas, Strategic Sourcer

@SodexoChatice   C. McCoy Yarborough, Strategic Sourcer

@SodexoUSA   Sodexo Corporate Communications

@SodexoJobs   Job postings from Sodexo USA

@SodexoGroup   Official voice of Sodexo Group Worldwide

@SodexoChefs   Where Sodexo culinarians engage, share information, highlight community service and share their masterpieces

@SodexoDiversity   News from Sodexo's Office of Diversity and Inclusion

@StopHungerUSA   Sodexo Foundation updates on efforts to help stop hunger

@Mindful_Sodexo   Mindful by Sodexo strives to make it an easy choice for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle

@QoL_Observer   Exploring Quality of Life and its impact on organizations

@SodexoUKJobs@SodexoPrestige and @SodexoCanada   Our global colleagues 

Sodexo-Related Twitter Lists

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·         Sodexo Dietitian Recruiters

·         Sodexo Executive Recruitment Team  

·         Sodexo Food Recruiters 

·         Sodexo Facilities Recruiters

·         Sodexo Housekeeping Recruiters  

·         Sodexo IT Recruiters

·         Sodexo College Recruiters

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We want you this Veterans Day!

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager for Talent Acquisition

Today, we honor our veteran employees and their families for the extraordinary sacrifices that they have made. But when it comes to hiring this group of men and women who have served our nation, the conversation happens all year long.

At Sodexo, we have been recognized many times for our company's support of employee veterans, guard members and reservists and for our recruitment efforts to employ military members and their families. We are recipient of the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award, the highest recognition given to employers for exceptional support of our nation's defense, once again listed as a G.I. Jobs Top 100 Military Employer for the seventh year in a row.

To support our nation's military families and those who transition into the civilian workforce, Sodexo takes a proactive approach to ensuring your success.

Hiring Heroes

We are keenly interested in hiring, supporting and retaining military veterans and reservists because your leadership, management, logistical and technical experiences in the military are directly transferable to Sodexo's business needs. Our recruiters are trained to understand your military job titles, grades and ranks and can provide you information about how your skills align. Additionally, you can enter their Military Occupation Classification (MOC) into our crosswalk to identify similar civilian careers at Sodexo!

Networking and Learning Opportunities

The Sodexo business resource group HONOR – Honoring Our Nation's finest with Opportunity and Respect – launched on Veterans Day in 2009 to provide support, guidance and resources to employees and families connected to the military. HONOR members coordinate and take part in training, fundraiser and recognition events, in addition to veteran-specific job fairs.

Improving your Quality of Life

Through a partnership with Lifeworks, you will have access to resources and counseling to assist with managing personal issues at work or home, including:

  • Maintaining a Strong Relationship through Deployments and Separations 
  • Ways to Support a Co-Worker or Friend Whose Loved One Has Been Deployed
  • Supporting Employees Returning from Military Duty
  • What to Send Someone Who Is Deployed

And, as part of our ongoing support of the Joining Forces initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to serve and support military service members, veterans and their families, we pledge to hire and train more veterans and military spouses like you in the private sector and continue our ongoing focus on strengthening the company's existing military-friendly programs.

To learn more about career opportunities, visit Sodexo Hires Heroes. Happy Veterans Day!

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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing for This Sodexo Careers Contest!

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

If you’re a member of our Talent Community or follow Sodexo Careers on any of the social media channels, you may have seen our recent announcement about the latest update to our mobile Jobs app.

With over 23,000 applications and nearly 400 hires from the app in under three years, there’s no question that it has become a popular and valuable job search tool.

One question that does remain, however, is who exactly is that smiling, waving mascot attached to many of our communications.

Since February 2015 will mark the three year anniversary of the app’s release, we decided it was time to officially give our mascot a name. That’s where you come in!

How it Works
  1. Starting NOW, you have 10 days to make your submission on Twitter by sharing your idea for a name and tagging @SodexoCareers
  2. On 11/14, the voting period will begin online and will last for another 10 days. Everyone who submits an idea will be notified with the link to vote and share with friends.
  3. Once the voting period has ended, the submission with the most votes will be declared the winner.
What’s in it For Me?

Well, it’s fun, but we’ll give you a little more incentive than that. Not only will the winning name be forever a part of the Sodexo Jobs app, you will also get a shout out on the blog and our social channels when we announce the winner AND a $50 gift card.

So get those creative juices flowing, and you could go down in Sodexo Careers history! 

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