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What does it take to be a Food Service Manager at Sodexo?

By Karen Graham, Senior Recruiter

The 13th post in our Recruiter Series that features the specific environments we hire for and what it takes to succeed.
It takes a lot of ability to create an environment where your guests feel special.  Simply put, when working at our client sites, Sodexo Food Service Managers want their customers to “Be Our Guest”.  It’s just like in the movie, Beauty and the Beast, where the dancing candelabra sings to Belle about having a wonderful dining experience and putting their dining service to the test.  Our Managers may not sing and dance but they certainly aim to please when answering by request!

Aside from having a passion for great customer service like, Lumière, successful Food Service Managers at Sodexo have a tremendous spirit.  They continue to find ways to get back on track regardless of the daily challenges and obstacles that would cause most people to give up or
walk away.

As a Senior Recruiter for Food Service Managers for Sodexo’s Campus and Senior Services in the Northeast, I look for service-oriented professionals with these three qualities.

Sr. Recruiter Karen Graham and her
husband, Jim Graham, Sr. Level Dining Director for Sodexo
The ability to moderate calm

Successful people in high level positions make their jobs look easy by projecting confidence and making others feel reassured when the going gets rough.  This reminds me a lot of my husband Jim Graham, Senior Level Dining Director, who has been with for Sodexo for 33 years. He can walk into a chaotic situation, size things up and come up with on-the-spot viable resolutions.  He recently attended a workshop on organizational challenges last month at a major medical center where the keynote speaker sat at Jim’s breakout session table and proceeded to quote him during closing remarks to the audience.  Talk about making an impression!

The capacity to adapt and adjust to constant change 

Aside from people, food is the number one element in this business and it’s extremely perishable rate requires speed, accuracy and quality handling for safe preparation and service.  Customers have high expectations of what they want and when they want it is the daily challenge with variables like product availability, seasonal cost considerations, diet modifications, wholesale delivery and timeliness.  Contingency plans are critical and must be considered for each step in the process.

The ability to work with multi-generations in the work place and in the customer base

Shifting demographics, future service industry labor shortages and savvier, demanding customers create the need for our managers to communicate well with a diverse audience.  The other day I was asked to source for Food Management candidates that were well versed in sustainability from an unlikely source – the residents that live in one of our Retirement Communities since the retiring Baby Boomers are one of our shifting demographics.

Do you hold these three qualities in your Food Management career? Do you have a passion for great customer service and the ability to create an environment where your guests feel special?
Then consider a rewarding career with Sodexo. Search our job opportunities now!

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Celebrate Passion And Inspiration On Chefs Appreciation Day!

By Guest Blogger Suzanne Thompson, CIR, CDR, Recruitment Manager

Have you ever wondered who and what is behind the inspiration of the food we eat?

Just three weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend the National ACF conference in Kansas City. During the conference, I observed chefs smiling, laughing and talking about food. Their passion really shined through and got me thinking about where one finds their inspiration to be a chef.

After the last day of the trade show my colleagues and I had the opportunity to sit down with some Sodexo Chefs to recap the conference. During our conversations, I asked the chefs how they found their passion to become a chef!  Each of them referenced their family, either a grandparent or parent, who inspired them to become a chef. As they were sharing some of their favorite food memories, it reminded me of the great meals my mom and grandmother would cook. I especially enjoyed the Kifli, a Hungarian cookie, which they made each Christmas.

As each chef got their inspiration from a significant person in their life, they continued their training through an apprentice program or attending an university such as Johnson & Wales or Culinary Institute of America (CIA). The training does not stop there. In fact, many chefs gain certifications through the American Culinary Federation (ACF) to be recognized as a certified executive chef (CEC). Sodexo goes one step further for our chefs by closely partnering with ACF to develop a mentoring program to assist them as they prepare for certifications.

After we strolled down memory lane, I asked them about the cuisines that they prefer to cook. Each of them had one or two specialties and they all agreed that when it comes to preparing meals, their excitement is driven by the passion, care and creativity. They also claimed that being able to create an experience through food for someone is what brings a smile to their face at the end of the day.  As I sat around the table listening to their stories, it was clear that each of our chefs is passionate about creating an experience filled with joy and laughter.

This Saturday is the unofficial Chefs Appreciation Day.  As you sit around the dining table, whether at home or at your favorite restaurant, thank the chef for their passion and inspiration that fueled your dining experience!

If you are a professional or self-proclaimed chef, let us know what inspires you and your favorite dish to make in the comments below!

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Develop Client Solutions and Your Career in Energy Management at Sodexo

By Autumn McReynolds, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

This article first appeared in the July issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Managing our energy use and reducing our monthly utility bills is something many of us might take for granted. But maximizing energy efficiency can mean big savings for Sodexo’s clients.

As a result, Sodexo’s Energy Managers offer our clients a customized approach to managing their energy use by creating awareness, providing best practices and implementing sustainable, cost-effective solutions for the facilities in which they operate – from K-12 schools and college campuses to hospitals, retirement communities and more.

In order to uphold our commitment to improve the Quality of Daily Life of those we serve, our Energy Management professionals work hand-in-hand with clients to understand their objectives and help them succeed.

As the need for innovative and creative Energy Management solutions continues to grow, so do our offerings, which now include energy auditing, energy procurement, assistance with Energy Star and LEED certification and more. In fact, Sodexo was recently ranked as the No. 3 provider of Energy Management Services in North America by Frost & Sullivan.

If you’re looking to explore the exciting, new opportunities available in this growing field, visit our Energy Management career site to learn more, or get started by searching our current job openings.

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Use Facebook to search for and to apply at jobs at Sodexo

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

Last week I shared with you the variety of management job opportunities that Sodexo offers and how to apply to them through the latest version of our Jobs App.

If you’ve had the chance to update or download the app, you’ll likely notice a new look, faster speed, improved search function, the ability to share jobs on Twitter and Facebook and engage with us on our social media careers pages. It’s all about making it easier for you to image your future at Sodexo!

Did you also know that you can find and apply to our management jobs right from our Facebook Company Page? 

You may have accustomed yourself to visiting our career site to look for new openings but on Facebook you’ll never have to leave the platform to search for a management job that is right for you. 

From our Facebook Jobs tab, you can
  • Search by keyword or job category (we have 21 categories!)
  • Like a job
  • Share jobs on your timeline, a friend’s timeline or in a group or via private message
  • Join our talent community
  • Set up a job alert
  • Apply to a job
Give it a try for yourself!  Head on over to from your computer and click on the Sodexo USA Jobs Tab!
Let us know what you think by posting a note on our wall where our Voice of Sodexo Careers, Autumn McReynolds, will gladly respond! 

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Sodexo’s Lorna Donatone Guides and Leads Women in Food Service Roles

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager, Sodexo Talent Acquisition

The hospitality industry offers a number of career opportunities at restaurants, hotels, resorts and other meeting locations. At Sodexo, our chefs and food service managers have the opportunity to work in corporate and government locations, as well as hospitals, K-12 schools and colleges.

It is here that Sodexo’s catering managers, food operations and food services managers, concession managers and retail operations managers use their passion for food and great customer service to become leaders in the hospitality industry.

One such leader at Sodexo is Lorna Donatone, chief operating officer and Sodexo Education president. Sharing her passion for food service and the advancement of women, Donatone served as chair of the Women’s Foodservice Forum’s (WFF) Board of Directors from 2012-2013 and currently is a member of the organization’s Spokesperson Bureau. As past chair of WFF – the industry’s premier leadership development organization – Donatone helped guide the WFF in its mission to advance women in the foodservice industry.

Throughout her career, Donatone has long been a champion for women in the workplace.  She encourages professional development through networking and mentoring and she’s been honored for her work empowering young women including national recognition from Girls Inc. in 2009 and a 2010 Ascendancy Award from

At Sodexo, Donatone overseas operations and strategic growth for the company at college and university campuses, public school districts and private schools. She has played a critical role in positioning Sodexo as a leader in student nutrition by focusing on the well-being of students and communities.

"Lorna is a role model for aspiring leaders within Sodexo and the industry at large,” said George Chavel, president and CEO of Sodexo. “Her passion for elevating women is exemplified by the emphasis she places on professional development, risk-taking and bringing your whole self to work.”

For food service managers seeking challenging and rewarding career opportunities, learn more about Sodexo’s Retail Food Service Manager roles in this video. To learn more about job openings at Sodexo, start your search here.

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What job opportunities does Sodexo offer?

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

This is a question that I often get asked. To explain what Sodexo does is not an easy task, but from campus to corporate, Sodexo is on the job in many different environments.

Earlier this summer, I mentioned how applying to Sodexo jobs from your mobile became easier but let’s take a look at each of our job disciplines.

Sodexo chefs are some of the most skilled and respected in the industry worldwide whose inspiration comes to life at every meal for the 10 million customers we serve each day. With benefits including schedules that encourage work-life balance, reimbursement of association dues and continuing education opportunities you will enjoy an improved quality of life that’s unique in the hospitality industry.

As a facilities, engineering, clinical technology or energy manager, you can take your career to new heights with Sodexo. You will implement Sodexo’s innovative programs to provide the best in facilities management services, creating an environment where kids can learn better and hospital patients can heal faster.

As an Environmental Services Manager, you will work within a team to direct housekeeping operations at one of our thousands of client locations to focus on  individual patient and customer needs and commit to environmentally friendly best practices.Your role will be supported by a network of more than 1,300 of the best housekeeping professionals, including highly specialized experts in Infection Control, Supply and Linen Management, HAZMAT and Sustainability.

Sodexo has grown from the single largest private employer of Registered Dietitians in the United States to the largest in the world! With a Sodexo Dietitian career, you’ll be improving the lives and wellbeing of millions of people thanks to your expertise in nutrition and wellness.

Sodexo employs Information Systems and Technology experts with the ability to design, deliver and support complex global systems to drive growth for the entire company.  Working in unison with our business partners, you will focus on providing high-quality, innovative solutions that will improve enterprise productivity by reducing complexity for our unit managers. 

Sodexo Sales Executives are the driving force behind the growth of our company. As the first face of Sodexo to our client organizations, you’ll undercover ways to contribute to their overall success through our solutions resulting in improved customer ratings, employee satisfaction and more. In return, you’ll be rewarded with an aggressive bonus structure and a wide range of career growth opportunities.

Although we were once known mainly as a food service company, you can see that Sodexo has grown our service solutions, resulting in endless job opportunities for the right candidate.

Now that I have peaked your interest, why not grab your phone and download the latest version of our Jobs App to search for a Sodexo job in your area!

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Searching for a Job? 4 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

By Autumn McReynolds, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

Did you know we receive nearly 20,000 applications every month for our management opportunities at Sodexo USA? As the competition in the job market remains high, there are many small improvements that job seekers can make to help themselves stand out. And while social networking activities are not the only component of an effective job search, they certainly cannot be ignored either.

Here are a few common situations I’ve noticed recently that can impact your ability to land a new job, as well as adjustments you can make right now:

Sodexo Senior Recruiter Karen Graham Shares Her Job Title on Twitter
Situation 1: You actively use social networks to follow and connect with potential employers but don’t indicate your industry or that you’re looking for a job.

Whether you know it or not, recruiters often find candidates by conducting searches on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more. While you may be extremely qualified, lack of search-friendly terms on your profiles will make it difficult for you to be found.

Solution: Include your current or most recent job title in your social networking bios. If you’re openly searching, don’t be afraid to include something like, “available for hire” or “actively seeking new career opportunities” as well. Tweet This


Situation 2: You have social networking profiles set up but are concerned about privacy, so you keep your information on lockdown.

It’s true that privacy can be a concern in the digital age, but educating yourself and staying up to date on changes to your account settings will make it easier to protect your personal information while still making valuable connections online.

Solution: Research privacy policies and settings for each platform to determine how you can actively network without sacrificing your safety. For example, you can select a different audience for each post on Facebook, which allows you to share certain information with your close family and friends and other posts with the public so recruiters can learn more about you and contact you with relevant opportunities. Tweet This

Facebook Offers Many Privacy Options
Facebook offers a variety of settings to help users manage their privacy.


Situation 3: You’ve searched and applied for positions but aren't taking advantage of company-provided resources.

This may sound obvious but all jobs and companies are not created equally. Every employer will have a different hiring process with varying expectations, so it’s critical to understand what you’re applying for and how you can stand out.

Solution: If you’re currently seeking a job at Sodexo USA, utilize the Network With Us page to access discipline-specific careers sites, tips for being successful on the careers blog and a link to join our Talent Community, where you can set up job alerts and share your most up-to-date resume. Tweet This


Situation 4: Your job search has taken longer than you expected, and your frustration overshadows your accomplishments in conversations with professional connections and recruiters.

Whether you’re currently unemployed or looking to make a career move, the process of searching, applying and interviewing for jobs can be challenging, but don’t let it get you down because your attitude and the way you present yourself can make or break your ability to get hired.

Solution: Take advantage of any opportunity you can to learn from your mistakes and improve yourself for the future. Being rejected from a job isn't personal. There can only be one best qualified candidate for every opening, so stay positive when asking for advice and assistance because it won’t go unnoticed. Tweet This

As you continue to seek new career opportunities, I hope you will be able to apply some of these tips today. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below or send a tweet to @SodexoCareers.

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