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Back to School Keeps Sodexo Employees at Universities Busy!

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

This article first appeared in the August issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

By now, most college campuses are hustling and bustling with activity. New freshmen are finding their way around campus and getting their first taste of college food. Returning students are reuniting with friends they haven’t seen all summer. The energy is palpable in every corner of every campus.

Preparing for this exciting time of year actually begins long before the first student returns. At campuses with food and/or facilities management contracts with Sodexo, our employees have spent much of the summer preparing for the big welcome back.

“This is actually one of the busiest times of year for us,” said Ron Gregory, Sodexo Regional Vice President of Education and Sports and Leisure. “We’ve spent much of the summer getting dorm rooms ready, painting, cleaning and replacing carpeting, and getting the grounds ready with refreshed landscaping.”

At Sodexo, our goal is to provide services that contribute to a strong quality of life for university staff, faculty and students – including an inviting campus that looks amazing and is comfortable and clean, as well as great food with a variety of menu options to meet the range of needs for all campus visitors. Together, all of this helps attract and retain students, faculty and staff at the university.

“We take pride in working with the school to ensure it looks good, that they can show parents the best dorm with the best carpet, have the right flowers along the walk and provide food that is appealing to everyone,” added Gregory.

In addition to the dorms, landscaping and menu planning, Sodexo’s teams have spent the summer cleaning up campuses from summer events and camps, and preparing sporting stadiums for this year’s activities.

“Most of the fall athletes come back to campus a month early,” explained Gregory. “So we’ve been working with coaches to ensure that their facilities and locker rooms are ready. And, we’ve also been working with our culinary staff and nutritionists to ensure healthy menus that meet the nutrition needs of athletes during their sports seasons.”

Meeting the dietary and meal needs for all students on campus is something that Ben Hartley, Sodexo Resident District Manager at Northern Arizona University, spends his time managing.

“On campus, the energy is high – especially this time of year as we finalize menus, and hire and train staff who will work with us all year,” said Hartley. “We have two dining halls and 30 restaurants to manage. We feed thousands of students, faculty and staff every day. Our volume is significant – for example, our campus Subway serves 500 students during the lunch hours of 11-1. A typical Subway might serve that many customers all day.”

The high volume during the school year keeps Sodexo’s food service managers and chefs – as well as facilities managers – busy, but the nature of working at a university offers a quality of life for these employees that is unparalleled to that typically found in hospitality and other industries.

“We work hard and it’s a constant pace when school is open,” said Hartley. “But every one of us who works in Universities knows that when Thanksgiving, the holidays and other school breaks come, we can take time to enjoy being with our families. When the school is closed, we all have some down time to recharge, take vacations or simply have family time.”

Interested in a career working in Universities? Start your job search today!

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By the end of 2015, I would like to achieve _____ in my career

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

In three words or less, what career goals would you like to accomplish by the end of the year? Go ahead. Think about it for a minute.

This is the exact question we posted on our social channels, and the responses received were varied: achieving advanced certifications in one’s respective field, being better at day-to-day management with things like email, internal processes and systems, taking time to work abroad and much more.

All of these career goals are fantastic, and it’s truly inspiring to see what members of our talent community are working toward. What’s also notable, which you can see by its size in our word cloud, is the number of folks who are hoping to advance in one way or another by the start of the new year.

In order to help our candidates meet their goals, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to addressing a few of the responses by creating a “choose your own adventure” guide. Get started below with the phrase, “I want to…” and then jump to the section that’s most relevant to what you’d like to accomplish by 2016. Let’s get started!

I want to…

Get Certified

Certifications are a great way to help advance your career, and two of those specifically mentioned by our community members – the CEC for Chefs and CFM for Facilities Managers – are held by many of our current employees. Not only do we encourage our team members to pursue professional development opportunities, Sodexo has partnerships with organizations like the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) that allow employees to learn and grow in their industries.

Change Career Paths

Because career advancement doesn’t always follow a linear path, our team has created an interactive way to help you explore what your career could look like at Sodexo. Beginning in your current field, do you want to be an industry leader, broaden your career path or move into new horizons? Play around to see what could be in store for you and how to get there with our Growth and Mobility tool!

Find a Good Fit

This phrase is used often when discussing career changes, and while it may sound cliché, finding a good fit is an important factor in personal and professional well-being. While I will tell you that we have an amazing culture that’s supportive of every individual and offers a lot of great opportunities to get involved with causes like sustainability, fighting hunger and wellness, our managers do put in hard work to achieve their mission of improving the quality of life for customers, clients and the community. To get a feel for what life is like at Sodexo and if it’s right for you, read firsthand stories about our culture here.

Lead By Example

Leading by example is something our managers do every day on the job, but if you’re looking for something beyond that, we have several opportunities to do so. From development offerings like Leading the Sodexo Way and Emerging Leaders to mentorship programs to officer roles within our employee business resource groups, there is no shortage in ways to get involved and act as a resource for others. In fact, we encourage it!

While these are just a few of the career goals that were shared with us, this post should provide a solid foundation as you consider your next move – whether it be joining Sodexo as a new employee, making a move within your current Sodexo discipline or moving through the company to a new industry all together.

For further discussion with our Talent Acquisition team regarding your career path and questions you may have, head on over to our LinkedIn Group to join the conversation!

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Focusing on Abilities Unites Coworkers with and without Disabilities

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition

During the school year, I often will stop at a grocery store after my kids’ morning drop off to pick up odds and ends that run out in between shopping trips. There are two stores on my journey, but I always pick the one closest to my children’s school.

My choice is not just for the convenience, but because of the people I’ve gotten to know there on the morning shift – especially one young girl who greets me with a bright smile and always remembers to ask about my children, who she has met on several occasions.

Amy is a grocery bagger whose cheerfulness radiates from within. And, if you’re distracted long enough by the warmth of her smile and conversation, you probably won’t notice that her right hand curls up to her arm at an awkward angle and offers minimal assistance as she loads groceries into bags and into your cart. But like most people with a disability, Amy doesn’t let her malformed hand slow her down … or keep her from asking if she can help me bring the groceries to my car.

Amy’s disability is a physical deformity that is openly visible. But many people in the workforce also suffer from disabilities you can’t readily see – like vision, hearing or speech problems. Regardless of the cause or limitations presented by various disabilities, these individuals have one thing in common: they want to be seen as contributors in the workplace who are valued equally with their peers without disabilities.

At Sodexo, we imagine a workplace where employees are given the possibility to contribute at their full potential – overcoming personal obstacles and providing the support needed to reach their success. Thanks to the outstanding thought leadership of Deb Dagit, founder of the Voice Program and pioneer in disability advocacy for more than 30 years, Sodexo employees in the US are learning to become allies of people with disabilities and foster a more inclusive environment.

Sodexo employees are driving the change in attitudes towards people with disabilities. 

Since Sodexo began offering the Voice Program, more than 1,000 participants have completed this series of interactive classroom and digital courses created by Dagit. The training focuses on promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities within the teams, and emphasizes Dagit’s number one rule: “Treat others as THEY want to be treated.”

The Voice Program is just one opportunity presented to employees who are members of the employee business network group SOAR – Sodexo Organization for Disabilities Resources. Created in 2008, the SOAR network today has more than 570 members across the US. They are individuals from a range of business backgrounds, but all are united by the desire to make working practices more welcoming, inclusive and supportive of people with disabilities.

It’s interesting to note that only 4% of the network’s membership identifies itself with a disability – the vast majority are inspired to advocate for others with a disability in their spheres of influence, through family or friends. Despite the commitments of busy day jobs, each SOAR member is very serious about their volunteering and gives about 20 hours a month to the network’s activities.

Working to change attitudes

SOAR volunteers are active in a number of Sodexo programs that aim to make employees more aware of what people with disabilities can bring to the workplace. These include workshops to improve communication, inclusive recruitment strategies, the Voice training program and peer-to-peer mentoring. SOAR is also active in the community through scholarship programs and partnerships with, amongst others, Veteran networks.

In SOAR, the focus is on abilities – not disabilities – which ensures that Sodexo continues hiring and promoting the best talent, regardless of an individual’s disability status.  SOAR is currently working on a disability one stop shop to make all resources available in a single location.

“I’m really looking forward to the launch of our one stop shop. Not only will it help support SOAR’s mission of raising awareness and providing education, the disability one stop shop will make it easy for everyone – from employees to hiring managers, individuals with disabilities to allies – to take an active role in creating an inclusive work environment that helps every employee achieve his or her full potential,” said Autumn Anderson, the “voice of Sodexo Careers” and Communications Co-Chair for SOAR.

The disability one stop shop is scheduled to launch internally for Sodexo employees this October as part of the kickoff to National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

Read these stories to learn more about disabled employees from around the globe making a difference at Sodexo.

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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers: Connect with 70+ Sodexo Recruiters on Twitter

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

In today’s digital economy, what’s the quickest way to get a response from someone, even if it’s someone you don’t personally know?  Thanks to social networking platforms like Twitter, it’s easier than ever to connect with people and companies alike!

Did you know that our recruiters each have their own accounts, where they share relevant content for your industry, post hot jobs and connect with candidates like you?

Take a moment to network with the recruiters in your job discipline by sending them a tweet to introduce yourself.  If you’re not sure how to get started, you can always check out these social networking tips!

Happy tweeting!

@Arie_Ball   Arie Ball, Vice President, Sourcing and Talent Acquisition

@CRada  Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager 

@SodexoCareers  Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

Facilities Management, Engineering and I.T. Recruiters
Learn more about Facilities Management  or IT careers

@ScottNSherman   Scott Sherman, Director - Talent Acquisition

@SodexoGina   Gina Smethurst, Recruitment Manager

@Jtschilar   Jennifer Tschilar, Recruitment Manager

@curry_lisa   Lisa Curry

@SodexoAmy    Amy DavinCho

@Rhagos   Rahel Hagos

@SodexoJHall   Judy Hall

@SodexoSuzanneH   Suzanne Harvey

@BMHesse   Bryan Hesse

@SodexoYvonne  Yvonne Schuster

@DoreenSettles   Doreen Settles

@SodexoMonica   Monica Sims

@Rachel_Sodexo   Rachel Stamm

Registered Dietitian Recruiters
Learn more about Registered Dietitians careers

@FullerLorna   Lorna Fuller, Recruitment Manager

@MindiG   Mindi Gale

@DMayse   Darla Mayse

@MooreP508   Pat Moore

@LSchmeck   Lisa Schmeck

@SodexoBina    Bina Vachhani

Environmental Services / Housekeeping Management Recruiters

@SodexoAnthony   Anthony Scarpino, Senior Director - Talent Acquisition

@SodexoAndrew   Andrew Wagle, Recruitment Manager

@TamiCarter   Tami Carter

@LisaClosson   Lisa Closson

@SodexoPatti  Patti Daiber

@MariaHouchins   Maria Houchins

@SodexoBrad   Brad Tomaski

Culinary & Food Service Recruiters
Learn more about Culinary careers

@LisaaGarden   Lisa Garden, Senior Director - Talent Acquisition

@SuzThompson   Suzanne Thompson, Recruitment Manager

@SodexoAmyB   Amy Brooks, Recruitment Manager

@SodexoTrisha   Trisha Gary, Recruitment Manager

@AngelaKerkman   Angela Kerkman, Recruitment Manager

@CariCastillo_1   Cari Castillo

@DfDeluca   Daniela Deluca

@PDurvasula   Padma Durvasula

@LoisEdwards19   Lois Edwards

@SodexoKEmmart   Kathy Emmart

@SForeacre   Susan Foreacre

@LilibethGarci5   Lilibeth Garcia

@SodexoDanielle   Danielle Gordon 

@KarenGraham   Karen Graham

@HCFoodRecruit   Nanette Harty

@SodexoTracie Tracie Hoffman

@Sonceree_Sodexo   Sonceree Howard

@SodexoBreah   Breah James

@SodexoSandy   Sandy Joiner

@SodexoColleen   Colleen McKie

@ShariMcneeley   Sharon McNeeley

@SodexoDave   David Miller

@VMorgangipson   Vickie Morgan-Gipson

@Rachel_Bargiel  Rachel Nicholson

@DebbiO   Debbi Oryszak 

@JStoberl  Janet Stoberl

@JStrassburger   Jeanne Strassburger

@KStrohmyer   Kris Strohmyer

@AmySodexoTaylor   Amy Taylor

@DerrenThompson   Derren Thompson 

@ShaneTirpak   Shane Tirpak

@ChristineTurkal   Christine Turkal

@Greg_York   Greg York

Corporate Headquarters Recruiters

@AD_Sodexo  Ayershia Dastgir 

@StJohn_Amanda  Amanda St. John

Diversity & College Recruiting Team

@SMichelleThomas   Michelle Robinson, Director

Executive Recruiting Team
Learn more about Sales careers

@SValderrama   Sherie Valderrama, Talent Acquisition Senior Director

@nmk_1022   Neil Kilgallon

@BudMason   Bud Mason

@Stewartmd  Mark Stewart

@JuneThompson1   June Thompson

Strategic Sourcing

@SodexoHeather  Heather Thomas, Recruitment Manager

@SodexoChatice   C. McCoy Yarborough, Strategic Sourcer

@coral0827 Coral Zelachowski, Strategic Sourcer

@MsAshleyEdwards   Ashley Edwards, Sourcing Specialist

Other Sodexo Tweeps

@SodexoApryl  Apryl Fleming, Manager, Training and Projects

@SodexoTrish   Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager

@SodexoKristen  Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

@Efeury   Emily Feury

@SodexoSetoria   Setoria Key

Sodexo Company Pages

@SodexoUSA   Sodexo Corporate Communications

@SodexoJobs   Job postings from Sodexo USA

@SodexoGroup   Official voice of Sodexo Group Worldwide

@SodexoChefs   Where Sodexo culinarians engage, share information, highlight community service and share their masterpieces

@SodexoDiversity   News from Sodexo's Office of Diversity and Inclusion

@StopHungerUSA   Sodexo Foundation updates on efforts to help stop hunger

@Mindful_Sodexo   Mindful by Sodexo strives to make it an easy choice for you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle

@QoL_Observer   Exploring Quality of Life and its impact on organizations

@SodexoUKJobs@SodexoPrestige and @SodexoCanada  Our global colleagues 

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Observe Passion and Joy During Chef's Appreciation Week

By Guest Blogger Suzanne Thompson, CIR, CDR, Recruitment Manager

This is the 18th post in our Recruiter Series. This year we are focusing on providing you with the answers to the most common questions our Recruiters receive from candidates.  

I recently returned from the annual American Culinary Federation (ACF) conference in Orlando, FL, where I had an amazing time both discussing Sodexo career opportunities with candidates and getting to view events like the Knowledge Bowl and student cooking competition. The intensity of watching professional chefs compete, interact and taste food was thrilling! 

Of everything going on, the most exciting was the American Culinary Classic, where teams from around the world competed. Team USA won 1st place, which included our very own Sodexo Chef George Castenada, CEC, pictured fourth from the left!

Congratulations to ACF Culinary Team USA for 1st place in the regional team category at #CookCraftCreate.
Posted by ACF Chefs on Monday, August 3, 2015

As I observed them in action, it was clear that passionate chefs create from the heart and want you to enjoy your meal from first sight to last bite, and this is exactly what we look for when hiring chefs for our roles at Sodexo, who will ultimately focus on improving quality of life for those they serve.

Throughout the conference, I had the opportunity to meet with talented culinary professionals who were interested in learning more about the culinary and food service management we provide to clients across the country. Many of those we met did not realize Sodexo Chefs enjoy working in a variety of settings like Walt Disney World, United States Marine Corps Mess Halls, Stanford University Hospital, Stony Brook University and more.

Congratulations to Kimberly Black Brown,
winner of Sodexo Chef Greg’s homemade knife

I also had the pleasure of sharing with them some of the benefits we offer, including schedules that encourage work-life balance, reimbursement of association dues / continuing education opportunities through the ACF and our mentoring program. Our chefs enjoy an improved quality of life that’s truly unique in the hospitality industry.

Finally, at the end of the conference, we raffled off this beautiful chef’s knife, made by Sodexo Chef Greg Mueller, CEC. Yet another notable skill of one of our award-winning ACF chefs!

Now that I’m home, I can appreciate the passion and joy that goes into meal creation. A talented chef combines both art and science to produce outstanding cuisine, so if you notice some extra finesse in your food preparation this week, give a little nod to the chef and thank him or her in honor of this unofficial Chef’s Appreciation Week. Then, head to our Culinary careers site to see how we celebrate our chefs’ unique talents and achievements on our Chef Appreciation page!

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: 5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Career

By Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

If you follow what’s trending on social media, you know it’s been quite a summer for celebrity breakups: Gwen and Gavin, Ben and Jen, Miranda and Blake, Reba and Narvel. Perhaps most shocking was the news that Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog announced their split after 40 years together!

While you might not be concerned with the ups and downs of celebrity relationships, you may be able to relate when it comes to your career. Whether you’ve been with your current company for one year or twenty, breaking up is hard to do!

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to break up with your current career.

1.  You’ve Stopped Growing

If you’ve mastered your current position and are no longer being challenged, it might be time to break up with your current position and move onto something new, perhaps even within the same company. Not all companies provide opportunities for career growth, but it’s worth exploring.

2.  You Don’t See Eye to Eye

Aligning your values to your
company's values is a necessity when it comes to long-term job satisfaction and quality of life. If your current employer doesn't share the same visions or values as you, it might be time to seek out someone who does.

3.  You’ve Stopped Learning

Development and training is crucial throughout your career.  If your company doesn’t encourage and support continuous learning with opportunities to add to your existing know-how, acquire new skills, change professions and prepare for career growth… there are other fish in the sea!

4.  Every Day Feels the Same

Some people thrive in a predictable environment, doing the same thing day after day. But others need to switch it up to stay engaged. Getting involved with new projects, initiatives and committees can add some flavor, but if you’re running out of options, it might be time to consider a move.

5.  You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

If Sunday night rolls in with a feeling of dread or you need to give yourself a daily pep talk before getting out of your car, you may have lost the connection. Like any relationship, the excitement of something new eventually wears off and it takes effort to keep the connection strong. But, if you’ve lost the loving feeling, it probably shows. Make an effort to reengage, or make an amicable break.

If you have irreconcilable differences with your career, it might be time for the “It’s not you, it’s me” talk!  

Sodexo is always looking for good people, ready for a challenge, in Facilities Management, Clinical Technology Management, Environmental/Housekeeping Services, Culinary or Food Service Management, Clinical Nutrition, Information Technology and more. The opportunities are endless, the values run deep and two days are never the same!  

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