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Year 7 for Sodexo Careers Blog: A jackpot of all birthdays!

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

Did you know that seven is the world's favorite number?

There are many religious and spiritual associations to the number. In the traditional Chinese culture, seven represents the combination of Yin, Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth) and is considered harmonious. In pop culture, you'll find iconic characters such as the seven dwarfs and James Bond, otherwise known by his code number 007!

There are seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on a musical scale, seven seas and seven continents. And of course triple sevens on a slot machine means jackpot!

We completed our seventh year of content production for the Careers blog in December, and to celebrate our birthday, we are sharing our "luckiest" highlights from 2014 (aka most read posts.) Our shining moments are not just about who we are or employee experiences; there are job seeking tips to enhance your candidate experience and reasons why our managers love jobs at Sodexo!

Take a look below to see our top seven posts from the seventh year:

Since we hit the jackpot with our readers by sharing unique content about life at Sodexo, we are looking to double down in the coming year.

Tell us what will make 2015 your winningest year yet!

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Career Planning Tip: Retirement Planning Actually Begins Early in Your Career

By Karen Graham, Senior Recruiter

This article first appeared in the January issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Normally in this space, we like to offer advice on how to advance your career, edit your resume or improve your interviewing and networking skills. But, this month, we'd like to talk about how you might consider moving from the professional season of your life into retirement. While you might think this is a topic for those of retirement age, please read on to learn why it's also an important consideration as you begin and grow your career.

I remember to this day those words that I heard during an orientation for my first full-time job out of college more than 30 years ago. Retirement was the last thing on my mind as I started my career, but I signed up for all of the retirement programs anyway. I'm so glad now that I did as I prepare to begin thinking about my own retirement over the next several years.

So, how do you plan for retirement and when should you begin? Retirement needs to be part of your career planning and – ironically – starting at the front end of your career is the best place to begin!

Saving for Retirement

Experts advise that you should begin saving for retirement early. Whether you're in your 20s or just starting to save in your 40s, it's important to consider the type of lifestyle you want to have in retirement and determine how much income you will need to sustain that lifestyle. When you evaluate all of your savings options, this is one of the most important considerations to help you set savings goals each year.

Your employer will likely offer a number of retirement benefits and savings options. Learn about all of these options, including 401(k) plans, pension plans, investment plans, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), etc., as well as employer matching opportunities to grow your savings faster, and select the ones that will help you reach your goals. You may decide to choose one program or all programs offered.

But most importantly, get advice from people you trust or professional financial advisors who can help you choose the options that make the most sense for your situation and goals. Then, set your contributions for amounts that work for your budget now, knowing they can be updated later based on individual plan rules.

During the early part of your career, it's important to realize that even the tiniest saving plans make sense. In the beginning, you might initially set a small contribution towards your retirement. Over time, as your income increases, you will want to continue to review your goals and adjust your contributions accordingly.

If you continue with this pattern over the years, consistently reviewing your goals, savings and projected growth while increasing your contributions, you will be much closer to meeting your retirement goals than if you did not begin saving early. Also, this basic step will get you in the practice of saving as you move on to manage more complex financial matters for yourself and your family in the future.

At Sodexo, we are committed to the work/life balance of our employees and helping them achieve their long-term financial goals. As you begin or grow your career, research companies and the investments they make in their employees as you look for potential employment opportunities. Be sure that even in tough economic times, the company that you select has a history of investing in its number one assent: its people!

We welcome our readers to connect with us, share your retirement plans/adventures and join the conversation on our Sodexo Careers Facebook page – see you in social!

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Is Sodexo for Me in 2015?

by Kristen Jacobs, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

In this two-part series, I’m going to address two questions: Why Choose Sodexo? and Is Sodexo a Good Fit for Me?

According to a 2014 survey from CareerBuilder, the top reason people consider a new job is because they’re dissatisfied with advancement opportunities at their current company. Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

That leads me to one of the top reasons candidates choose Sodexo – Career Growth and Development. 

Our development and training programs are designed to help people grow and thrive in their careers. Employees are supported with leadership and industry-specific technical training in many areas including Facilities and Engineering, Environmental Services, Culinary and Food Service, Nutrition and Information Technology.

Internal mobility and promotions are a high priority for us and we have strong internal programs to support career growth. In fact, nearly 55% of our positions are filled by an internal candidate while industry norms* are significantly lower. For senior management positions, there’s a strong demand for candidates with Sodexo experience, including Alumni. Our mid-level management positions allow you to sharpen your skills, like the ones below, to open up even more opportunities for advancement within Sodexo.     
  • Team Leadership - As a skilled manager and team motivator, you’ll direct the efforts of your team to deliver programs that result in exceptional client service.
  • Business Management - Sodexo managers are entrepreneurs who develop client and vendor relationships, manage costs and drive process improvement. By implementing Sodexo’s strategic initiatives, you’ll increase sales and deliver exceptional experiences.
  • Service Provider - As a proven leader with a passion for delivering exceptional results, you’ll partner with clients to deliver innovative solutions and a memorable experience to customers.
  • Mentorship - You’ll have the opportunity to mentor less-experienced managers and team members to increase their job knowledge and promote their career development, as well as pursue your own continued growth.
  • Quality Assurance - With a strong insight into industry standards, you’ll strive to improve quality and keep your finger on the pulse of client satisfaction in your unit.  
  • Operations Management - Improve client operations by standardizing processes, improving work methods, and introducing state-of-the-art technology for staffing, scheduling, training records and quality assurance programs.
In part two of this series, we’ll dig deeper into the skills and qualities of successful Sodexo managers; along with the resources to help you determine what roles might be the best fit for you. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your top reason for leaving a job is! Leave a note in the comments below.

*Source: CareerXroads Source of Hire Report from 2014

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Career Growth and Professional Development Opportunities Help Dietitians Reach their Goals

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager for Talent Acquisition

If you're a registered dietitian, chances are that you know a colleague who works for Sodexo. With a network of more than 2,250 dietitians, Sodexo is the largest private employer of dietitians in North America.

As experts in this field, we place a high priority on the careers of our dietitians – offering numerous opportunities for career growth and professional development – so that they can focus on reaching their career goals while cultivating relationships with our clients and their patients.

Nina Crowley, PhD, RD, LD
Bariatric Dietitian
The stories from the Sodexo family of dietitians are many, including that of Nina Crowley, who serves as a bariatric dietitian for the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC.

"In my eight years of working with Sodexo, I have grown from an entry level Registered Dietitian, just happy to be getting a paycheck, to a professional specializing in bariatric surgery nutrition with a promising career," said Crowley.

She credits her success with the flexibility Sodexo offers in career movement and opportunities to add new skills and knowledge to her repertoire.

"As I compare my experience with Sodexo to other employers of Dietitians, I am thankful for the ability to move around seamlessly within the company while trying to find a calling," she explained. "I knew I wanted to work in Charleston, but was not sold on exactly what type of RD I wanted to be. I began with a clinical inpatient position but eventually settled in my niche with an outpatient bariatric surgery program. Working for Sodexo gave me a chance to work in different positions, while maintaining the continuity of working for one company."

But Crowley didn't stop with finding her ideal position. She recently completed her PhD while working full time, utilizing Sodexo's Tuition Assistance program. Additionally, she is active with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals – with her dues paid for by Sodexo.

"The financial support to further my education and to belong to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, state and local chapters, and a dietetic practice group conveys a commitment by Sodexo to our professional success," said Crowley. "I am proud to say that Sodexo supports research and outcomes studies, and rewards RDs who present research at regional and national meetings with financial assistance and time away from the office. These are enormous incentives for me that enrich and diversify my professional experience."

Internally, Sodexo RDs gain from networking with colleagues at client locations across the country as well as the opportunity to participate in training programs, including the annual Clinical Update where Sodexo RDs have the chance to give presentations and share information and best practices with others in the same region.

"For me, job satisfaction comes from having autonomy, mastery and a purpose in my position" said Crowley. "Armed with flexibility, tuition support, professional membership, training and networking opportunities, I think Sodexo RDs can achieve excellence!"

Want to read more stories like Nina’s or learn more about working in nutrition for Sodexo? Visit

Nina Crowley, PhD, RD, LD is a Bariatric Dietitian working at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. She has been with Sodexo since 2006. Nina is past President and current Public Policy Coordinator of the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Workgroup Chair for the Bariatric Surgery Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) Project and recent graduate of Walden University with her PhD in Health Psychology. Follow her on Twitter @PsychoDietitian or e-mail at

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Are you Ready for your Best Year Ever?

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

As 2014 came to a close, we counted down the days with 31 reasons to love Sodexo jobs. 
We answered the question "Why Sodexo?" with messages from our employees to you!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

We welcome and embrace the New Year with happiness and prosperity and hope you’ll consider joining our team.  We appreciate our family of Sodexo Managers and the long-standing relationships they have formed with our customers, clients, patients, children, employees, students, faculty, seniors, sports fans and more! 

Are you ready for your best year ever? Your opportunity awaits at

Happy New Year!

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Powerful first impressions that last are all in a day’s work for a Sodexo’s Patient Transport Manager!

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

This past year we introduced a series of new videos to show you what our managers are responsible for. This YouTube playlist consists of ten videos and is our number one most watched!  

Sodexo employees are fortunate to touch people’s lives in such meaningful ways.  The work environments give them the chance to bring wellness, satisfaction and comfort to people at every stage of life. 

Let’s take a look at the Patient Transport Manager, for example!

With a focus on patient safety and a commitment to caring, our Transport Managers coordinate the movement of patients and equipment in real time.   

Sodexo is the first in its industry to develop this transport management solution as part of our eXpress Services ProgramAs a growing segment of our business, we have an increasing need for candidates!

Sodexo Patient Transport Managers do not drive trucks but they do transfer patients to and from procedures and tests. This helps avoid delays in treatment and recovery to ensure they are home with their families as quickly as possible.  These managers also
  • improve patient satisfaction
  • provide innovative ideas
  • bring groups of people to consensus
  • manage people and projects
  • aspire to be in the health care field
  • have a background in either hospitality, logistics or transportation
If you make a powerful first impression, then consider this Environmental Services career with SodexoYou’ll improve patient satisfaction from day one! 

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My Interview, My Career: How to Prepare for Video Interviews

By Danielle Gordon, Senior Recruiter - Sodexo Food Service, Hospitals and Senior Living in the Eastern US

This article first appeared in the November issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Video interviews are becoming an increasingly popular way to enhance the recruiting process – often expediting the interview process with more flexible scheduling options to help manage scheduling conflicts while keeping travel costs low for everyone.

If you are invited to participate in a video interview with Sodexo, don't be intimidated! Even the most technologically-savvy candidate might be anxious about interviewing online. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a video interview:

  • Plan for your video interview just as you would an in-person interview. This means planning in advance to ensure that you are on time and prepared.
  • Check your computer system requirements, including your speakers and webcam. When a confirmation is sent for the meeting, a link to scan your computer for applicable software is usually included. You should click this link as soon as you receive it to allow enough time to ensure that your computer is ready.
  • Pay attention to your environment. Choose a room that is quiet and well lit. Remember that the microphone on a computer can pick up background noise, so eliminate all background noises from radios, traffic sounds from open windows, pets, others who may be nearby, etc.
  • Make sure the area where you'll conduct the interview is neat and clean. Don't give the interviewer any reason to be distracted by inappropriate wall hangings, clutter, pets or other items visible on your webcam. Also make sure to set up your computer/webcam in a place with good lighting so that you can be seen during the call.
  • Arrive/log in early to your meeting just as you would an in-person meeting.
  • Dress professionally! Don't assume professional dress isn't required. Dress as you would for an in-person meeting.
  • Be aware of any movements/habits that could be picked up by the microphone or webcam. Don't tap your fingers or shuffle papers excessively. Don't type on your computer or participate in other online activities during your interview.
  • Look at your computer/webcam to make eye contact with participants on the other end.
Most importantly, consider any invitation to interview, in person or via video, an opportunity to showcase your talent and value. A successful video interview can be the start of a bright future.  

Want to learn more about our hiring process?  Click here!

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