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Take Action on Conference Takeaways

By Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

Attending conferences can be many things … invigorating, exhausting, motivating, overwhelming. The typical jam-packed schedule of presentations, networking, meetings and socializing leaves little time for rest. But who needs rest? 

Last week, I attended my first Talent Acquisition Conference (#SodexoTAC) in Austin, Texas. 
This is where Sodexo’s mostly-virtual recruitment and sourcing team comes together to learn, celebrate and connect as a team. Being only five months into my Sodexo career, this was also the first opportunity I’ve had to meet many of my co-workers and some of Sodexo’s senior leadership. What an amazing group of people!

In the past, I've been guilty of feverishly taking notes at a conference, only to set them aside upon returning to the office. More recently, I've learned the secret to maximizing the value of any conference is simply putting a few takeaways down on paper and creating action items to be sure I’m applying them.  

Writing this blog is my motivation to dig out my notes from #SodexoTAC and get started on those takeaways. 
  1. Personal Revolution Challenge (#SodexoTAC30
    Guest speaker Amanda Hite, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Change Officer of BTC Revolutions (
    @sexythinker), challenged our team to take a 30-day personal revolution challenge. My bucket list is complete and I’m documenting my journey along with my teammates on Twitter.
  2. Maniacal Focus
    Like most people, I find myself juggling more tasks in a day than I can possibly accomplish. Amanda Hite, again, made an impact with her statement,“Have a maniacal focus on what will make the biggest impact.” My goal is to go into each day with that in mind as I look at my to-do list, prioritizing in order of BIGGEST impact.

  3. Spirit of Sodexo
    On the final night of our conference, we recognized the many contributions made by our Talent Acquisition team members and our business partners throughout Sodexo at our Annual Spirit Awards Celebration. I was in awe of the nomination of 169 individuals who live the Sodexo culture and am excited to find a way to make my own contributions this year!

  4. The Three P’s
    The original Sourcing Ninja, Johnny Campbell (
    @socialtalent), pressed us to improve our productivity through three steps: Preparation, Process and Pitch. His tips on improving response rate in email were simple and easy to implement. I have a feeling I won’t be the only one sending a few Sunday emails just to test his theory!
I challenge you to take action on your file of notes from conferences and webinars you’ve attended in the past! Share your favorite takeaways in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter (tag me! @SodexoKristen).

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Seal the Deal as a Sodexo Sales Executive

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition 

As the driving force behind growth, experienced sales professionals are highly-valued at Sodexo!  They are respected leaders in our company, working with senior level executives within Sodexo and our client organizations.  Our sales professionals have highly competitive compensation tied to individual success and tremendous career growth potential.  

They are also known as hunters by nature with the tenacity to conquer a complex sale. You’ve heard us say that before in this post, but what does it take to close a deal?

Take a look at our Sales Job video, one of ten new videos that add visual insight into our various roles and attract you to our company. 

As a Sales Executive or Director of Business Development you’ll be responsible for new account sales, prospect identification and qualification, proposal development and contract negotiations. To be successful, you will have the following attributes 
  • Self-directed
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to manage multiple processes simultaneously
  • Excellent communication and negotiating skills
  • Experience collaborating with the C-Suite

Upon arrival to Sodexo as a new hire, you’ll be greeted with our new Sales Executive Onboarding Program that is tailored just for you!   It’s Sodexo way of ensuring that you are better prepared and reach your full potential as quickly as possible.

From completing a self-assessment to meeting with the coach to customize a program, to taking ownership of the process, each new hire is ultimately responsible for the quality of his or her onboarding experience.  You’ll also be assigned a learning partner and peer sponsor to support you through each step in the new hire onboarding process.

If you are ready to seal the deal, watch this video then check out one of our many openings across the U.S. at

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The Opportunities and Impact of an Internship with Sodexo

By Guest Blogger Megan Pieper, General Manager at WellPoint

I recently had the opportunity to be a part of the National Society for Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH) Conference in St. Louis, where I served on an interviewing panel for Sodexo. This was an incredible experience and brought me back to when I was an anxious and eager new graduate looking for my place in the real world.

I was extremely impressed with the talented, diverse group of students I came in contact with at the conference and would like to take this time to reflect on my own journey with Sodexo, as well as offer some advice to graduating students.

From Intern to GM

My career at Sodexo started when I was an Intern with Sodexo University. I had the opportunity to explore and experience all areas of the hospitality world that Sodexo is involved in, but the most meaningful rotation I experienced was in management at WellPoint St. Louis. However, at the time, I didn’t know this would be the experience that would launch my career with Sodexo and open the door to some amazing opportunities.

After my internship rotation, I was offered a supervisor position at WellPoint, where I worked for about a year developing my skills as a potential Sodexo manager. Not long after, Sodexo landed a contract at GlaxoSmithKline, and I was offered the Operations Manager position where I stayed for three years. Most recently I have been working with Express Scripts in the same role.

Over the past five years at Sodexo, I have moved from a bright-eyed intern to an Operations Manager, and now my next adventure will be as General Manager at WellPoint St. Louis. Looking back, I owe a great deal of thanks and gratitude to the managers I came in contact with during my internship, as they saw the potential in me, guided me and helped me learn in order to grow my career with the company.

From Student to Employee

My advice to graduating students is if you have the opportunity to find a mentor in the field that you are passionate about, do it. It is an incredible way to network and jumpstart your career. Whether you have the opportunity to be an intern over a summer or longer period of time, it is an amazing way to develop your skills and discover where you want your impact to be in the future.

Have a positive attitude, be willing and open to learning new things, and make yourself vulnerable because it will only make you stronger. Sodexo provides you with all the tools and resources you need to advance your career - you just need to be willing to take advantage of them. Remember, the opportunities are out there, so be ready to take them when they are in front of you. 

Megan Pieper began her career as an intern through Sodexo University and worked her way up to management. She is currently a General Manager for Sodexo at WellPoint St. Louis. You can connect with Megan on LinkedIn!

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5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Online Presence

By Autumn McReynolds, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

The first day of spring has finally come, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning. While it’s always a good idea to reorganize your home and office space, spring is also the perfect time to clean up the many aspects of your job search.

From your resume to your social networking accounts, the way you present yourself is a key factor in landing an interview and ultimately getting the job. And with a quarter of the year already gone, you don’t want to wait another day.

In this post, I’d like to focus on ways to improve your online presence as a whole. Not only can you increase your visibility with recruiters, these small updates will make a big difference in how you are perceived when requesting connections on social networking sites, asking questions and applying for jobs, so let’s get started!

1. Google yourself: What comes up in search results when you type in your first and last name? There may be links, images, videos and more that you may have forgotten about or not even known existed. This simple step will help you know where to begin.

2. Focus on a few key areas: If you’re heavily active on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, for example, you may want to start by doing cleanup on those sites before taking the time to tackle every place your name and some type of profile or content exists, as these are the places that likely need the most work.

3. Clean first: Before making massive changes to improve your online profiles or websites, start by getting rid of anything that may cause you trouble in your job search. This means inappropriate photos and videos, posts badmouthing your employer (or anyone, for that matter), nasty language, etc. It may sound obvious, but your private profiles may not be as private as you think, so err on the side of caution.

4. Update second: Once you’ve removed any content that may not reflect well on you to an employer, it’s time to start adding things that will speak to who you are as a person and a potential employee. There are several ways to do this, but a few examples include adding Professional Skills to the About section on your Facebook profile, including files to projects you’ve completed on LinkedIn and even adding your industry and job title to your Twitter bio.

5. Update your resume: While you’ll need to update your resume file, what I’m referring to here is replacing any old resumes you may have hosted online with the most up to date version. This means job boards, portfolio websites, career centers and even your LinkedIn page.

While there are a number of other things you can do to spruce up your online presence, these five steps are a great place to start. Additionally, once you’re comfortable with where you’re at, you can move into a proactive approach by sharing relevant content, reaching out to companies and more.

Now it’s your turn: What other ways can you think of to improve your online presence as we head into the second quarter of 2014?

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Explore Facilities Management Careers with Sodexo’s NEW Career Site

By Kristen Jacobs, Employment Branding Sourcing Manager

As a recent new hire to Sodexo, I can relate to job seekers who say, “Sodexo-who?” I even have an elevator speech prepared to easily respond to friends, family and acquaintances who ask that question! I completely get Sodexo's anonymity because the magic often happens behind the scenes. But as the world’s 18th largest employer, it’s important that we help potential employees understand who Sodexo is, the services we provide and the opportunity areas for building a career with our company.
Sodexo provides over 100 different services to more than 8,000 clients, so as you can imagine, that results in a massive range of career possibilities. To help candidates navigate these opportunities, Sodexo has several job-specific websites, which are chock full of resources. Our team recently launched the new and improved, loaded with helpful information on careers in Facilities Management.

Sodexo Facilities Management Careers

Before you explore it for yourself, let me share my favorite features of the new site:

1.   On the Go
With a responsive design that makes the site user-friendly on any device, candidates have access to valuable tools for exploring career opportunities, preparing for interviews and networking with recruiters from anywhere they choose.
2.   Career Growth
Learn about positions available in the facilities track with the Career Growth tool. From entry-level management to senior leadership roles, job seekers can find the right fit for them at any stage in their career, while also exploring advancement opportunities.
3.   Recruiter Connection
This exciting new feature allows candidates to identify and connect with a recruiter in their discipline or geography. Get the conversation started!
4.   Team Tweets
Speaking of conversation, ours is happening right on the Team Tweets page. Follow our recruiters for industry news, career-related content and exciting job opportunities.
5.   Sodexo Stories
This is a great way to get a day-in-the-life perspective from managers in facilities, engineering, energy and clinical technology management. Check back often for new profiles and fresh perspectives!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site. Share them in the comments below, or on Facebook or Twitter. And watch for updates to our additional career-focused websites in the coming months!

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March is a very exciting month for nutrition, Sodexo and me!

 By Guest Blogger Lisa Schmeck, Senior Clinical Recruiter

The 9th post in our Recruiter Series that features the specific environments we hire for and what it takes to succeed.

It is that time of year again!  National Nutrition Month (NNM) started as National Nutrition Week in 1973 and as interest and excitement grew, National Nutrition Month was inaugurated in 1980. Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Dietetic Association, the campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

After transitioning from the field of clinical dietetics, into operations management and human resources, I found a career and company that shares and supports the same wellness values and goals of what I find to be personally important as a dietitian.

On our weekly team calls we take the first few minutes to relieve stress, stretch and honor our fitness commitments through various wellness initiatives such as our Fitbit “Step this Way” Challenge!  As a Senior Recruiter for Sodexo’s Talent Acquisition Clinical Nutrition Team, I’ve been happily working in this role for over 10 years!
One of the thing I love about my role is to share my enthusiasm about Sodexo with new and seasoned dietitians.  As you gain experience as a Sodexo Registered Dietitian, your career path options increase.  The Sodexo Clinical track offers upward mobility, allowing you to stay close to the patient in a range of environments or to grow in a managerial role in other related areas as I did.

Gain insight into your career growth with these webinars!
Since navigating your career path can be treacherous if you can't see where you're going, we are offering free and live webinars starting this week to shed some light on your professional development journey. 

With job locations all across North America there are countless opportunities for you! Sodexo Registered Dietitians are employed in a variety of Healthcare environments as well as education, and corporate accounts.  We are actively hiring entry level dietitians, (Clinical Dietitian 1) to more advanced practice level positions that may require a specialty certification (Clinical Dietitian 2 and Clinical Dietitian 3).

If nutrition management is what you strive for and you are a dietitian leader, Sodexo is also hiring Clinical Nutrition Managers to direct the efforts of all patient care areas from even the smallest hospital (Clinical Nutrition Manager 1 and Clinical Nutrition Manager 2) to multi-site client healthcare systems (Clinical Nutrition Manger 3).  

It’s true that you can build the career you want, almost anywhere you want as a Nutrition professional! Learn more by going to

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Celebrating Registered Dietitian Day!

By Guest Blogger, Lorna Fuller, Recruitment Manager, Clinical

Did you know that yesterday was Registered Dietitian Day?

#RDNDay was created six years ago by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association) to increase awareness of registered dietitians (RDs) and registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) as the key providers of food and nutrition services. It’s a day to recognize their commitment to helping people live healthier lives. 

These amazing food and nutrition experts have a knack for providing exceptional care to the populations they serve, and the Sodexo Dietitians are no exception!

They are an advocate for advancing the nutritional status of people across the United States.  Our 2,500 Dietitians have an opportunity to go into various areas of dietetics within the company (healthcare, senior living, education and corporate) and more than 200 have ventured into areas outside of the traditional nutrition arena as they continue to develop professionally.  They can be found in areas such as sales, marketing, procurement agents and information technology and human resources (see Anthony Scarpino and Mindi Gale from my team).

As the largest private employer of RDs in the world, Sodexo provides a wealth of opportunities and career paths.   Learn about the opportunities for continual learning, benefits and dues reimbursement in this video or go to

Yesterday, I made it a point to recognize and honor those RDs and RDNs who give tirelessly of their time.  

Thank you to all the Sodexo Dietitians for all that you do to make everyday a better day for the people you serve!

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