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Changing the conversation on Facilities Management – ISO 55000

By Amber Almeida, Executive Recruiter – Solution Center & IT

As an Executive Recruiter for Sodexo, I have the privilege of working on positions that offer opportunities for employees to be a part of decision making strategic teams that influence key areas of utilities, construction, communication, building and property maintenance.

Some of the top jobs in these areas include Facilities and Energy Solutions Developers, District Managers, Directors of Engineering, Senior Area Support Engineering Managers and more.

As we look closer at facilities management services, we see that this is a critical field, as it encompasses everything that is required for a business to operate, aside from the client’s core business focus, like teachers at K-12 schools or doctors and nurses at hospitals

In the facilities management arena, Sodexo is proud to lead the way with standards and principles that not only offer clients cost effective operations and balance on capital expenses, but also lead the way with improvements in employee productivity and working environments.

Nicholas Fioravante
Senior Director of Solutions Sales Support
I recently spoke to Nicholas Fioravante, Senior Director of Solutions Sales Support, who is part of the Sodexo facilities leadership and strategic team that focuses on incorporating standards that improve facility performance.

AA: How long have you worked in Facilities Management?

NF: I have been in the facilities management business for 30 years. During that time, I have worked with nearly every aspect of a facility, including mechanical/HVAC systems, electrical systems, fire protection systems, structural components and environmental issues.

AA: For those entering the Facilities Management sector and building careers, how do you see this field evolving?

NF: One area to note is the emergence of global standards. To that end, Sodexo is helping to change the industry conversation from considering facility assets as support costs to a source of revenue. We have implemented some innovative principles and standards such as the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard adopted at Sodexo that makes us the path blazers in the facility management space.

ISO 55000 Asset Management is the international standard for the management of a facility’s assets. Through aggressive asset management, organizations will improve the quality of the delivered services and improve profits.

AA: How do you align management of the facility’s assets with the organization’s objective?

NF: The goal is to explore and research the evolving facilities environment, changing the conversation from viewing the facility management organization and facility assets as support costs to the point that facility assets can be viewed as a source of revenue. Adopting and leading the way in Asset Management is one of the ways Sodexo stays ahead of the market in the facilities management industry.

If you’re attending the 2015 NFMT conference in Baltimore March 10-12, you can learn more about the ISO 55000 Asset Management, as well as the insights and lessons learned by Sodexo as an early adopter of the global standard during the session “ISO 55000 Changing the Conversation,” which will be presented by Mark Gasser, CFPS, CFEI, director of Technical Engineering Solutions at Sodexo. If you’re unable to attend, you can connect with Mark on LinkedIn here

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Interested in Facilities Management Careers? Get the inside scoop!

By Amber Almeida, Executive Recruiter, Solution Center & IT

This article first appeared in the February issue of C@reer Connections, Sodexo's monthly e-newsletter. Sign up today!

Facilities Management careers at Sodexo span the spectrum of facilities, engineering and energy management. Our managers implement innovative programs that provide the best in facilities management services, creating environments for learning and conducting business operations.

Joseph Brutto
Facilities Solution Developer
Sodexo Health Care   
But what does this mean for you – the individual interested in such a career? Joseph Brutto, a Facilities Solution Developer in Health Care Facilities, shares a little about his 25-year career in facilities management, his career path at Sodexo and insights into facilities management careers.

What led you to your current position at Sodexo?

After 25+ years on the operations side of facilities management, I was very interested in expanding my knowledge and experience on the business development side of facilities management. My current role as a Solution Development Manager supporting Sodexo Health Care’s Facilities Management Business Development allows me to develop and create solutions that will add value for our clients so they can focus on their core business while we support their facilities management needs.

What do facilities management careers look like at Sodexo?

As a company, Sodexo is the only facilities management provider to offer comprehensive asset management capabilities globally and to clients in diverse segments ranging from corporate and healthcare, to manufacturing, mining and oil and gas – which means we can offer a career full of variety, challenge and tremendous growth opportunities.

At Sodexo, we partner with clients to help them attain their strategic vision by developing facility management service solutions that increase the effectiveness of their people, enhance their business processes and optimize their infrastructure, which delivers tangible outcomes. Our clients depend on our facilities managers’ expertise to help them to optimize their business.

As such, the contribution of facilities management services to Sodexo’s revenues continues to rise, reaching 28% in 2014. This reflects the increasing demand of Sodexo’s clients for integrated services, as well as the industry-leading technical expertise of its teams, an expertise which is backed by the implementation of Sodexo’s Asset Management Framework. The Framework enables the capture and standardization of best practices across all sites.

Therefore, Sodexo facilities engineers are proficient in project management software and financial accounting systems, and have technical design knowledge of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Our facilities managers train and lead teams of employees and manage their unit and client relationships. And, we offer varied career options to match individual interests, such as managing overall Plant Operations and Maintenance or specializations in Energy or Clinical Technology Management.

What education should candidates consider to begin their career?

There is a small, but growing, number of colleges and universities that offer degrees in facilities management. Obtaining a college degree is just the beginning. Additionally, there are many certifications in facilities management that are available and are very beneficial to aspiring or growing professionals in this area.

It’s also important to understand that this business has evolved to a point where just knowing facilities management (boilers, chillers, HVAC, plumbing etc.) doesn’t cut it anymore. Facilities management professionals today must possess/pursue equally important skill sets in financial/business acumen as well as strong communication/relationship skills.

What does the future hold for facilities management careers?

This career field continues to evolve as more and more responsibilities are being placed upon facility management professionals. Sustainability is even moving in a new direction now, where in years past it was more geared to towards new construction – today, serious discussions are taking place on how to take existing structures and make them more sustainable through innovative ideas. As these and other best practices evolve, careers will continue to expand and grow as well.

What advice would you give candidates who are looking to grow their career with Sodexo?

Network, network, network! You need to begin building relationships with Sodexo’s facilities teams and recruiters. And, as you search for jobs, set strong goals and objectives for yourself, know where you want to land and be strategic in choosing positions that match your qualifications and will naturally lead to career growth. Once onboard, Sodexo has a number of tools to proactively manage your career, as well as numerous professional development opportunities to support your career objectives.

Should you apply to a Sodexo Facilities Manager role?  We'll help you decide with this article! 

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Should You Apply to a Sodexo #FacMan Role? We’ll Help You Decide

By Autumn Anderson, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

“Is this job right for me?” This is the first question you should ask when on the hunt for a new opportunity. It’s easy to fall into a trap when you’re ready to move on from your current position or company for any number of reasons, including advancement, location, lifestyle, salary and more. However, one of the worst mistakes you can make is jumping at any job that comes along, only to find out your new position is less fitting than your previous role.

So, how do you determine fit? It’s not just by reading the job description. While you can find some great information regarding actual requirements and responsibilities, the job description cannot always tell you if it’s indeed a good match.

To help shed some light, I’ve gathered information from current employees and our recruitment team to give you a real inside look at Sodexo Facilities Management careers, including project examples, challenges you may face, the best parts of the job and what qualities you should have when applying to a role.

Let’s get started!

Our Reputation

In December 2014, Sodexo was the first outsourcing company to win the prestigious Asset Management Achievement Award, recognizing excellence in the management of physical assets and infrastructure.

In order to maintain this reputation, it’s critical that we hire leaders who are strong from a technical perspective but are also focused on the clients’ needs.

A Day in the Life

Instead of listing out all of our job categories and the type of work available in the Facilities Management discipline at Sodexo, I’ll refer you to our FM careers site to do some additional research after you read this post. Here you will find that we have a variety of opportunities available, as well as descriptions of each level of job we hire for and how you can map out your career growth.

Best Parts of the Job

Most companies will tout the benefits of working for them as growth opportunities, meaningful work and all of the usual things that attract candidates to a job. But what do employees in those roles actually feel is the best part? Not-so-surprisingly, those working in Sodexo Facilities Management responded with the same things: personal and professional growth, improving others’ lives and more. See what they had to say below:


Challenges You May Face

Every job has its challenges, but in order to be successful (and happy) in your career, it’s important to have an idea of what those might entail. Because we offer such a wide array of Facilities Management opportunities, it would be impossible to detail all of them. However, here are a couple of examples from senior leaders that relate to management and the industry as a whole:


Advice for Potential Candidates

As the world’s leader in Quality of Life Services, it goes without saying that candidates for any job at Sodexo should have a drive to improve the lives of others through their work, but what other qualities should Sodexo Facilities Management professionals possess? Here’s some great advice from a General Manager, District Manager and Regional VP:


Decision Time

Now that you have a better understanding of what the world of Facilities Management is like at Sodexo, it’s time to decide if you’re still interested in a career with us. You can either continue to learn more on our Facilities Management careers site, or you can get started now by applying to an open job. Take a moment to scan through our checklist below before moving forward:

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Explore the Sodexo difference as a Catering Manager where a passion for food is just a start!

By Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager - Talent Acquisition

Last year we introduced a series of new job description videos to showcase the roles and responsibilities of our managers. This YouTube playlist consists of ten narrated videos and has been viewed more than 4,000 times!

The final video I’ll showcase is for Sodexo Catering Managers.  

Three words that I could use to describe these professionals are talented, creative and innovative. Having a background in catering management and menu planning and an entrepreneurial spirit, successful catering managers will motivate staff to deliver an exceptional experience.

Does your previous event planning experience allow you to fulfill special requests with ease?  Do you excel at high-end catering, resident and faculty dining or high-volume summer conferencing?

Then your hands-on approach is just what we are looking for in our fast-paced environments.  

You’ll be responsible for growing catering programs, implementing new offerings and creating project plans, including defining objectives, methods, timetables and budget. In return for your hard work, you’ll find a unique opportunity for work-life balance, support for your professional development and career growth, and benefits that address your professional, personal and financial well-being.

Hungry for a catering career with the leader in the industry? Then explore the Sodexo difference where a passion for food is just a start.  Search our openings today!

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There’s Nothing Spontaneous about a Successful Career

By Trish Freshwater, Senior Communications Manager  

I’m a planner by nature. I live by my calendar and often look ahead in six-month chunks of time. For me, six months might as well be six weeks, or, sometimes six days. Life moves fast and if you’re not paying attention, it can pass right on by you.

This is especially true when it comes to your career. If you don’t make plans and set goals, you’re likely to see very little career movement. So, where do you see your career in five years? 10? Where do you want to be when you reach retirement? Do you have a plan? Or, are you worried that your dreams are out of reach?

Joanne Martino
District Manager
Sodexo Corporate Services   
For a little inspiration, let’s consider the career of Joanne Martino, District Manager, Sodexo Corporate Client Segment.

Martino began her career more than 30 years ago as an hourly cashier/supervisor for Sodexo’s client Xerox. There, she “worked her way up through the ranks” to a District Manager, overseeing 18 locations with diverse teams and clients.

Martino’s success was no accident. Her determination and drive were the perfect catalysts to advance her career from an hourly employee into management. And, it was there, that Martino gained access to extensive professional development, including ongoing learning opportunities where she was able to sharpen her business skills.

When talking about her career path, Martino described how her managers recognized her abilities and encouraged her to become a leader. That action coupled with her inner-drive led her to feel like “the sky is the limit” at Sodexo, resulting in many personal and professional achievements.

One such achievement was becoming one of the founding members of Sodexo’s Disabilities Task Force, inspired by her brother Joey, a young man with Down Syndrome. The Task Force has since evolved into the employee business resource group SOAR – Sodexo Organization for disAbilities Resources.

Martino attributes some of her career success to development programs that had the support and participation of senior leaders.

“One way Sodexo delivers on its employee value proposition is through the Emerging Leaders program,” she said. “This is a dynamic and challenging nine-month opportunity to develop strategic leadership skills and work in partnership with senior leaders on high-visibility business situations.”

But her success was not found merely on advancing her skills and knowledge. She had a vision, a plan for her future success. And each year she moved one step closer to that success by adding to her experiences, creating networking opportunities and mentoring relationships, and seeking career advancement opportunities.

What will your career look like after 30 years? Start setting some goals now. And remember, no matter where you are in your career, the sky really is the limit.

For more career advice as well as career-specific information, Network with Sodexo on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed and numerous career microsites.

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We Got Spirit, Yes We Do. We Got Spirit, How ‘Bout You?

by Kristen Jacobs, Employment Brand Sourcing Manager

Last month, I tackled the first of two big questions facing candidates as they consider Sodexo for the next step in their career - Why Choose Us? And because there are two sides to every story, I’m back with some insight to help you decide - Is Sodexo a Good Fit for Me?

The answer to this question can be tricky when you’re on the outside. Even after you’ve done your research, talked with recruiters and nailed your video interview, you still might wonder if you’re a good fit for the Sodexo culture. Waaaaaait a minute – what is the Sodexo culture?

A company’s culture isn’t as easily defined as its mission or vision, which you’ll likely find on the company website. It’s about the pulse of the company; what keeps it moving, growing and thriving. At Sodexo, it’s the people. All 420,000 of us, across 80 countries.
Here’s where you come in! The glue that holds our global team together is our shared passion, or Sodexo values. So, on top of your experience, education and killer interview skills, the question is…do you have the Sodexo spirit?

Service Spirit
A “strive-for-the-best" attitude, with a high level of responsiveness and the ability to anticipate our clients’ expectations.

Team Spirit
An “all for one and one for all” mantra with respect for rules and others’ opinions, particularly in difficult times.

Spirit of Progress
You strive for innovative ideas, procedures or processes to make a positive impact on the company operations, in the most humble of ways.

If you answered Yes and have a reputation for going above and beyond, take a look at our current openings.  Picture yourself among future recipients of the Spirit of Sodexo Award, as you could be recognized for embracing our mission, values and commitment to diversity and inclusion.   

Hungry for more ways to measure your fit? Follow Autumn as she continues down this path in her new blog series, sharing the ins and outs of Sodexo.

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Getting Started with a Food Service Job Search at Sodexo!

By Guest Blogger Shari McNeeley, Senior Recruiter – Campus Sports & Leisure

This is the 14th post in our Recruiter Series. This year we are focusing on providing you with the answers to the most common questions our Recruiters receive from candidates.
There comes a time in everyone’s career where personal ambitions and drive are the catalyst for wondering what next great career move is around the corner.  Whether you are a Food Service Manager, an Executive Chef or a Catering Director the motivations for a job change can be as varied and unique as the daily specials you offer.  They may include a desire for new challenges, financial growth, improved work-life balance and opportunities to move to warmer climates! 

In my role as a Senior Recruiter for Sodexo’s Campus Sports and Leisure division, I often get asked by Food Service professionals the following question. 

The first step in any career move is to research what a new employer can offer you.  Visiting will help you answer the question, “am I right for Sodexo?”  You can learn about the training and educational support you’ll receive and the impact you’ll make within our organization.

The next step is to have a solid understanding of your transferrable skills, so you can drill down and target opportunities that are seeking those attributes.  A mentor or coach can help you uncover your true personal qualifications.  Stretching for tremendous career growth can be advantageous, but be realistic.

Also, do not apply for jobs that you are not qualified for as this only sets you up for disappointment.  For example, you will not benefit from applying for an Executive Chef position when you do not have any type of culinary training or experience.

It’s natural to flock to social media during a job search but having had active contributions in the past is a big plus when you need to leverage your network. Try connecting with our team of Sodexo Food Service Recruiters on LinkedIn or Twitter and start up simple conversations.  

Be Patient.  Be Professional. Persevere!

A job search is often time consuming.  Connections may happen instantaneously, but relationships take time to develop and do not happen overnight.   As Sodexo Recruiters we strive every day to ensure that your candidate experience is a positive one
Whether you enjoy the excitement and ever-changing demands of a sports and leisure venue, the rewarding experience of a senior services account, the vibrant and innovative college or university setting or the consistency of a corporate services schedule, Sodexo offers plenty of food service career opportunities across different job environments. 

Connect with me on LinkedIn and add a personalized message letting me know how I can assist you in finding the right job opportunity.

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